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HARDROCK -- About Mining
by Fred E. Johnson
Bisbee, Arizona

This book is history, from the late thirties to the seventies, featuring a segment of the life of the author in his most adventurous years, with some of his associates, all graduates of the University of Arizona. The mining industry is featured. Mining is the basic industry. Without it civilization as we know it would not exist. The first miner was the hominid who picked up a rock and used it to kill his supper.

The cover foto is of a native Igorot miner in native costume operating a jackhammer at the mine.

The author is a mining engineer who was placed in charge of a Philippine mine from its earliest unproductive stage to a bonanza stage which was interrupted by the invasion of Luzon by the Japanese army. The lives of many, both Filipinos and Americans were drastically affected, including death for many. Through an almost incredible chain of circumstances the author was saved, to serve his country in the field of producing strategic minerals in Brazil.

Mexico was included in this life of adventure. A marriage in Manila to a talented loving girl , sharing great hardships and successes was a key to success. A son, born in Rio de Janeiro, gave life a meaning.

This book, priced at eight dollars plus tax and shipping, is available from ATALANTA RECORDS AND BOOKS, 38 Main St., Bisbee, AZ 85603.

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