Kiski Observatories

A large percentage of the members of the Kiski Astronomers have their own personal observatories. During the summer months, Kiski members take turns hosting starparty-cookouts at their backyard facility. These are fun events that allows members to share each others observatories.

---------------------------------- Mt Chestnut Observatory ----------------------------------

Established in 2002. (Elevation 1320 ft)
14 Inch Discovery Dob with Dob Driver Tracking, 8 Inch NexStar SCT, Mallincam Color Hyper Plus Camera, Sanyo 14 inch High Resolution Color Monitor, 12 inch Magnavox VCR Recorder/ Monitor, Aver TV Video Capture Device

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---------------------------------- Big Woodchuck Solar Observatory ----------------------------------

Constructed in 1993, remoded in 1999 and 2003.
Equipment: Celestron 8" Ultima SCT (f10) Daystar .6A T-Scanner Ha filter Lumicon H-Alpha 1.5A Prominence filter Coronado PST Coronado PST CaK Baader Solar Film filter (white-light) 1000 Oaks II glass filter (white-light)
For more info and construction photos, visit:   BWSO webpage

Big Woodchuck Solar Observatory Full Page Link

---------------------------------- HillView Observatory ----------------------------------

Built - 1994.
Meade 12" LX200, TMB 130ss EDT F7 on an EQ6 Pro mount, Stellavue 102 EDT F6.1 on a Celestron CG5, and a 10" Optical Craftsman F8 newtonian

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---------------------------------- BK Observatory ----------------------------------

Built awhile back......

BK Observatory Full Page Link

---------------------------------- GS Observatory ----------------------------------

Built awhile back......

GS Observatory Full Page Link

---------------------------------- WJ Observatory ----------------------------------

Built awhile back......

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---------------------------------- RM Observatory ----------------------------------

Built awhile back......

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---------------------------------- Mars Observatory ----------------------------------

Established in 2009.
The Observatory is a Skyshed POD with a slide off POD Zenith Table (PZT) for observing objects at the zenith.
The scope is a WO FLT132 F7 with a modified Canon XT dslr. The guide scope is an Orion 80mm F5 with a CCD Labs QGuide camera.
The mount is an Orion Atlas EQG on a 6" X 6" wood pier.

Mars Observatory Full Page Link

---------------------------------- HAO Observatory ----------------------------------

Established Oct 2011.
The Observatory is a clam-shell dome from Astrohaven on an elevated deck with a warmup room.
The mount is a Meade Max-mount on a Pier Tech-3 adjustable height pier, all attached to a 16" diameter concrete pier running thru the observatory floor & deck.
Attached to the mount are three Williams Optics refractors, a TMB-178, a TMB-160, and a TMB-151.
The warmup room is equipped with a well stocked library,computer, large screen TV, and assorted accessories, including a Baader Planetarium orrey.

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