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Bob and Neil
The Novelization
Bob and Neil is a ‘heartwarming’ tale of two young men rising out of the ashes of post high school drunken debauchery into adulthood.  One is a simpering idiot whose mind has long since disappeared into the dark recesses of a long neck lager bottle.  The other struggles to protect his best friend while trying to break free of the bonds that have bound them together.
90 pages
E-Book    $2.00

There Is No Tomorrow
A collection of erotic short stories and scenes, including The Sacred Whore, the enigmatic Gisele’s Shame and the hedonistic There Is No Tomorrow.
198 pages
E-Book    $4.00

The Rise of the Fallen
When Death and the keys to Heaven disappear, Charlie Mooncalf finds himself leading a team of immoral yet divine assassins against the forces of Satan and Lucifer. Together the forces of evil conspire to find the keys and bring about the downfall of a weakened Almighty. Even as the hordes of hell ravage the skylines of major cities and slaughter the Faithful, Charlie discovers his girlfriend is in league with Lucifer, demons want to feed on his flesh and sex with a voodoo priestess will lead you to some uncomfortable situations. It’s up to Charlie to find Death, restore him and reclaim the keys for the Almighty.
228 pages
E-Book    $5.00

Tales of the Languishing Sphere

Corruption and Redemption
When a god is killed, Devyn is sent to recapture the murderer and bring him to justice.  The trail leads Devyn to another World and he finds that everything he believes in is not simply black and white, but shades of terrible grey.  His decision to betray his goddess for the love of an enemy results in both the Corruption and Redemption of his soul.
194 pages
E-Book    $4.00

 A Trio of Shadows
It is up to the beautiful but treacherous Praxis to assemble A Trio of Shadows in an attempt to locate their missing god.  Spanning two hundred years, the story concludes in a climatic battle between the Immortal assassin Aris and the young swordsman Saicho.
342 pages

Currently under consideration at Samhain!


The Wars of Shadow: Attrition
The Wars of Shadow: Remnants
As the genocide of the Chaff causes the NightPath clan to rise up and battle for their lives, a warrior of the Shade Overclan and a NightPath princess must come to terms with the unending war and death, eventually coming to realize that they must end The Wars of Shadow at any cost.
TWOSA - 329 pages

Accepted at Samhain and will be released Fall of 2007!

TWOSR - 265 pages

Currently under consideration at Samhain!

Condemnation and Retribution
Forced to pick up his swords after three hundred years and battle an enemy he wants only to forget, Devyn battles against the Shadow god that hunts him and leads him to the climatic battle between that leads to Condemnation and Retribution.
196 pages
E-Book    $4.00

 Consequences and Resolutions
When a great evil rises from the Abyss to claim their World, Arynn and her friends must prepare and deal with the threat.  As the losses mount during the various battles, Arynn must come to terms with her inherited powers and the consequences of their use.  Her choices bear the Consequences and Resolutions in the war for the Languishing Sphere.
174 pages
E-Book    $4.00

The Fifth Gate
Purchase as an E-Book from eXtasy Books

The Threshold Lost
Eve Carrigan loses her mother in a violent car accident. While investigating her mother’s past, she discovers her family’s erotic relationship with a group known as The Circle and their supernatural heritage. Eve learns her mother’s death is linked to an age old war between good and evil and not everyone is who they seem to be.
190 pages

Accepted at eXtasy Books and will be released in 2008!