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Recent News

10/7/06 Neglected to add a link to Memoirs on the sidebar.  Duh.

10/3/06  Contracts to eXtasy and Samhain have been signed and mailed.
Added a new poem, some erotica, short stories and memoirs.

9/12/06  The Threshold Lost was accepted at eXtasy Books!  2008 Estimated Release Date

9/8/06  Finished Diverging Entanglements.  Details to come!

8/26/06  Tales of the Languishing Sphere: The Wars of Shadow: Attrition was accepted by Samhain Publishing!  Fall 2007 Estimated Release Date!

8/25/06   Nothing new posted.  Am working on a new novel at present and the pace is fast and furious.  I figure it'll be in finished and in edits by the second week of September.  (at the latest - Took me 10 days to write 25,000 words) 

Look for excerpts soon.

I hate FrontPage.

8/10/06  I wrote Knife back in 1986.  So at the 20 year anniversary of that short story, I've posted the original and the updated version.  It's a peek into my head around that time for all of you people that thought I was a nice guy back then.

Added Ancient Memories page for old shit I've written back in the day.  Sarah was written about puppy love and I won an award for it.  Soulmates was written with my brother in mind.

I'll be posting memoir-like short stories in the future.

7/26/06  Returning to this website after a long hiatus

My Myspace locale:  http://www.myspace.com/kjbowers1
My nice blog I'm trying to keep up with:   http://blog.myspace.com/kjbowers1

I've posted several works on the My Space blog, which are also housed here.

Pheromone Hangover

One Night Stand


Loss of Faith was entered into the Remembrance Contest at Elizabethtown College.  I'll find out on August 11th as to its status.  Once I find out, I'll post it here.

The Fifth Gate was reviewed by Sue from novelspot.net.  She gave it 8 out of 10 stars and did a great job at summarizing the novel.  Whoo hoo!  I have fans!
You can read the entire review
So go buy yourself a copy and see what the fuss is all about!

The Threshold Lost was reworked and resubbed to Extasy Books.

The Languishing Sphere has been submitted to Samhain Publishing, another ebook publisher.

Bob and Neil: The Movie was put on hiatus back in May. 
It's just tooooo big of a project to handle without money. 

Bob and Neil: The Novelization was completed back in late April.
It tops out at 30k, so I'm not sure about whether or not I'll create a cover for it and sell it on lulu.com, but you can purchase it as an ebook from my
Buy the Novels page.

I'm accepting Paystone payments for the ebooks I have sitting in the Buy the Novels page.

I'm looking into lulu.com for print copies and closing out the Cafe Press site (yes, it is still around and costing me money)


12/30/05  I wanted to graciously thank everyone for their support for my writing efforts in 2005.
I've completed two novels and numerous short stories as well as had my first novel released as an e-book to the consuming populace.  Have you bought your copy yet? :-)

It's been quite a ride and I plan for it to continue in 2006.

Now on to the news.

At the prompting of other writers in my writing group, I will be producing a full length digital film during the first quarter of 2006 of a script I wrote.   Preproduction and casting will take place in February and shooting will take place during the March weekends. Likely it will spill over into April.

It will be titled
Bob and Neil and has been described to me as an adult Napoleon Dynamite.

Bob and Neil is a 'heartwarming' tale of two young men rising out of the ashes of post high school drunken debauchery and into adulthood. One is a simpering idiot whose mind has long since disappeared into the dark recesses of a long neck lager bottle. The other struggles to protect his best friend while trying to break free of the bonds that have bound them together.

It will be rated R for language.

I plan on marketing this as a low budget comedy Ė very low budget. So Iíll be going the route that Kevin Smith took which is do everything yourself.  Which brings me to the purpose of this letter. I canít do everything myself. I canít run the camera, direct, position, collect the actors and actresses, obtain permits and permission...

Itís daunting.  I need assistance.

If you know someone with a high quality digital video camera, let me know.
If you know of an actor \ actress in the range of 18 Ė 27 years of age who would like to audition, let me know.
If you know of someone who is willing to donate their time, apartment, or vehicle, (we have specific needs) let me know.
If you know of any establishment (as in a business) that would be a willing Sponsor, let me know.
If youíd like to be a Sponsor, let me know.

If you would like to partake in this endeavor in any form or fashion, please
contact me.

11/30/05  NaNoWriMo is over and I was successful.  As you may have known, I went through the arduous task of writing a fifty thousand word novel during the month of November, as featured in the Sunday News.

My efforts were rewarded, as I completed the task and won the 'coveted' NaNoWriMo Winner's Certificate.

In response, I've decided to post a serialization of that novel on my website.
For the next thirty-one days, I will post a first edit of two thousand words or so per day.

The link to the page is

I hope that you enjoy it and thank you for all the kind words of encouragement that kept me going through the late nights.

In March, I will likely undergo National Novel Editing Month (NaNoEdMo), but that's another story completely.

Comments and criticisms are appreciated.

10/28/05  For Halloween I've cooked up two new stories.  Hope you like them!
Of course, I'm too busy to post them because I'm doing NaNoWriMo in November.  Look for updates in December!

10/26/05  I've completed a new novel entitled Farslayer: The Forging, a fantasy novel.  It needs an edit and a run through before I release it. 

9/19/05  The Fifth Gate has been released!  So go to eXtasy Books and order an e-book copy!

9/2/05  I've changed the options and prices for my novels.  You can still get them through Cafe Press, but I can get them significantly cheaper in book form and you can now purchase them in PDF or LIT form on CD.  Each CD comes with several other short stories.  Click here for the PDF ordering form.  Or go to the Buy the Novels page.

8/8/05  I've released five new stories.  Click here! 
The Fifth Gate remains in Limbo.
The Tales of the Languishing Sphere remains at Zumaya.

7/8/05  The Fifth Gate still hasn't been released.  My EIC is in the process of moving to VA.  I don't know when it'll be coming out.  I'm currently working on a new fantasy series of a mage who steals demon's power and ends up pissing off the entire Abyss.  It's at 13K right now.  No working title as of yet.

Once I have the signed model release from a certain individual who is on the cover, the collection of erotic short stories will be released.

5/6/05  Two new stories:  Lines (erotic) and The World of Doctor Moran (sci-fi)

4/26/05  I'll be having Cafe Press publish a collection of short erotic stories by the beginning of May.  Buy it quick.

4/13/05  The first edits of The Fifth Gate are back in the hands of the editor.  The release date for The Fifth Gate is June 13, 2005.

4/13/05  The Languishing Sphere novels have been submitted to Zumaya Publications for consideration.

4/8/05  New stories!  The Dime and The Game of Chase

3/30/05  The TLS series was rejected by Baen after 10 months.  That is over two years spent there total.  On to a new publisher!  In the mean time, buy them at Cafe Press!   They won't be up there much longer.  I'll be closing the store as of May 1st!

3/21/05  Added two new stories!  Dead Man Walking and Not Her Husband

3/11/05   I've uploaded The Rise of the Fallen to my Cafe Press store! 

2/3/05    I've posted the first chapter of TLS8 (working title).  It's a rough draft, but it's out there. 

2/3/05    I've uploaded all six books in the Tales of the Languishing Sphere
Cafe Press.  Please go out and by a copy!  For just over a hundred bucks you'll get all six novels delivered to your door!

I've also changed the Cafe Press Website's name.  It is now:


1/15/05  After three months of editing, the Tales are finished and will be uploaded for publication to Cafe Press.  Please go purchase a copy of any of the six books in the series!

12/13/04  I've received my copy to the book from Cafe Press.  The quality is quite good.  So go out and buy a copy or contact me to purchase it.  If I can get 15 orders, I can get a decent discount and shipping won't be so bad.

12/2/04  I've uploaded Corruption and Redemption to Cafe Press and have ordered the first copy to verify the quality of the Print On Demand (POD).  Retail is $15.00 so go out and buy one to support your local author!  Note:  I'm only making $1 per book so don't think I'm getting rich on this.

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