"Mini-Me" ,The 4 Shiva IB

The box construction is identical to that of the 12 Shiva's Dancing. This means an outer shell of 3/4" MDF laminated to an inner shell of 7/16" OSB. Oak 1"X2"s are then added for stiffening/strength.

A Jasper Jig was used to cut the recesses for the front mounting of the woofers and the woofer cut outs

This is a test fit to make sure the woofer gasket fit properly in the recess.


Recesses and woofer cutouts were completed for all 4 drivers.



As per all our projects this little portable drill press was used to drill the holes for the woofer mounting clamps.J

The corners/edges/sides were reinforced with 1"X2" Oak for strength/stability. 1" diameter dowels were used to stiffen the midpoint of the cabinet

This is the completed raw box ready for mounting the the floor joists of the family room.

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