The twenty - second Dalton of the Week is the Battle Bones. The first information on this model, along with a scan, was released on July 11, 2003.  They started shipping to the dealers around 23 July after a slight delay to wait for special cutters to mill grooves in the blades.The Battle Bones is an upsized version of the Bones, which was released earlier in 2003. Along with the Battle Dragon, the Battle Bones is the largest Dalton side opener at 11 - 7/32 inches overall length.  It sports a new logo that Mr. D. developed - a skull above crossed rapiers with "DALTON" below. "USA" is engraved on the opposite side of the blade. The upper swedge is beveled but is not sharpened. Serial numbers are engraved into the handle, just under the pocket clip. There were four blade variants made, but only three were released to the dealers. The Battle Bones was a very small production run , with only 96 pieces made and 95 or less released. The unreleased variant (owned by a member of the Dalton family) did not have any grooves in the blade. Here is a picture of that original grooveless prototype, of which only one was made.


The first publicly released variant had a single groove down each side of the blade to lighten it and speed up deployment.

The second variant had two additional short longitudinal grooves on each side of the blade as shown:

The third variant had vertical grooves (5 on the front side and 4 on the opposite side) on the blade as shown:


Dimensions are as follows:

OAL: 11 - 7/32"
Blade Length: 5"
Blade thickness: 0.125" max
Handle thickness: 0.494" (excluding the clip and pivot)

The Daltons indicated that approximately 31 each of the first and second variants were made and 33 third variants were made. Total production was 96 pieces, including the single pre-production piece without the blade grooves.

Many thanks to the Daltons for providing the details and the numbers for this DOTW!!