The twenty - third Dalton of the Week is the Battle Dragon. The first information on the Battle Dragon, along with a scan, was released on July 28, 2003.  The Battle Dragon is an upsized version of the Dragon, which was released earlier in 2003. Along with the Battle Bones, the Battle Dragon is the largest Dalton side opener at 11 - 7/32 inches overall length. A new feature on this model is "DALTON" engraved on the blade rather than the usual etched logo. "USA" is engraved on the opposite side of the blade. These were first released with beadblast blades and handles in three color schemes: solid black, red with silver veining, and black with silver veining. Serial numbers are engraved into the handle, just under the pocket clip. The lowest serial number pieces have the solid black handles. A few of these were serrated. Here are pictures of the first three variants:

On August 04, the Daltons released information on a new process that would be tried on some of the Battle Dragons. The new process is a blade coating applied in the shop's paint booth (normally reserved for motorcycles), and then treated in the heat treat oven. It is the same type of finish used on race guns, so it should be pretty wear resistant. Some of these were also serrated. Here are pictures of the three handle variants with black blades:

The last of the Battle Dragons was a small run (37 pieces) of damascus bladed pieces. Swedish stainless Damasteel was used for these and at least two different patterns were used. One appears to be the "dense twist" pattern (pictured below) and another may be the "Odin's Eye" pattern.


Dimensions are as follows:

OAL: 11 - 7/32"
Blade Length: 5"
Blade thickness: 0.125" max
Handle thickness: 0.498" (excluding the clip and pivot)

The production numbers are as follows. Note that these are updated from the numbers that were originally released. There is no information on how many black bladed pieces were made.

112 plain black handles
64 black handles with silver veining
37 black handles with silver veining and damascus blades
68 red handles with silver veining

Total production was 281 pieces. Production ended in late August 2003.

Many thanks to the Daltons for providing the details and the numbers for this DOTW!!