The nineteenth Dalton of the Week is the Border Patrol. It is, more or less, an upsized Asp. The early rumor going around about the Border Patrol was that it was being made at the request of a Border Patrol agent, that most of the production run would go to the Border Patrol, and that they may be difficult to acquire through normal dealer channels. Although I never heard of these being issued to BP agents, I do know one agent who acquired one of the early low serial number Protos. That particular agent is also a knife nut and Dalton collector. Are you out there Jeff ?? The very first of the Proto marked Border Patrols were delivered to one of the dealers who was near the Dalton shop on 04 August. These first pieces had black handles and full satin blades. Here's a picture of an early Proto marked Border Patrol:

The handles of these had "US BORDER PATROL" engraved on the front side and the serial number engraved on the back side. The serial numbers were in the form of BP 0xxx. They all came with black nylon Eagle Industries sheaths. In fact, the initial release of this model was delayed a bit while the Daltons were waiting on the oversized sheaths to be delivered. By some quirk of fate, the majority of the lower serial numbers went to one distributor. Our friend George of SRKnife.com acquired many of those low serial numbered pieces from that distributor.

The dimensions of the Border Patrol are as follows:

Overall Length: 10 - 7/16" (including the charging bar)
Blade Length: 4 - 3/16"
Blade Thickness: 0.127"
Handle Thickness: 0.603"

Besides the Protos and non-Protos with the black handles as shown above (variations one and two), I am aware of three other variations. The first (variation three) were the damascus Border Patrol pieces, which had Black and silver splash handles with blue veining. Originally there were 21 damascus pieces made, serialized as xxD. Another batch of three pieces was made at the request of a dealer who didn't get any of the first batch, bringing the total number of damascus pieces to 24. The damascus pieces started shipping in early October 2001. Here's a picture of a damascus Border Patrol:

There were also 10 Border Patrols that were special ordered by PVKT (variation four). These pieces had the same splash/veined handles as the damascus pieces and the ATS-34 blades were marked "INFINITE JUSTICE". Here's a picture of an Infinite Justice Border Patrol, courtesy of RayJay:

The last variation was a small run of knives with splash handles (like the the damascus and Infinite Justice variants), but with plain blades and only the Dalton logo etch (variation five). Here is a picture of this variant, courtesy of RayJay:

I am not aware of any other variations within the Border Patrol. There were no serrated pieces, two tone or beadblast blades, or other colors. Total production was 368 pieces with plain blades and 24 pieces with damascus blades. Some may consider the Patriot a variation of the Border Patrol since they share the same handle shape. While that is certainly a reasonable way to categorize them, I'm currently considering the Patriots a separate model and will cover them in another DOTW.

Many thanks to the Daltons for providing the details and thanks to RayJay for permission to use his photographs.