The twentieth Dalton of the Week is the Patriot. It may be considered a variant of the Border Patrol, since it used basically the same handle and mechanism. The Patriots were made in October 2001, at the end of Border Patrol production. The differences between the Patriots and the Border patrols are the single edged utility blade (vice the double-edged dagger blade of the Border Patrols), the American flag engraved into the handles, and of course the signature Patriot color scheme of a blue base with white splash and red veining. As with the Border Patrols, the Patriots were effectively ambidextrous due to the top mounted latch release. The same linerlock as on the Border Patrols was also utilized. The Patriots were a very small run with only fifty standard pieces and six damascus pieces. There were no Proto's, 2-tone blades, satin blades, serrated blades, or any other variations that I am aware of. Here's a picture of a regular Patriot:

The blades were etched with "Patriot" above the Dalton logo, and U.S.A. below. "USA" was also engraved into both sides of the handle as part of the engraved flag. The Patriots did not have a pocket clip, but were supplied with Eagle multi-position sheaths. Unlike most of the Border Patrols, the Patriots were not serialized.

The dimensions of the Patriot are as follows:

Overall Length: 10 - 1/2" (including the charging bar)
Blade Length: 4 - 1/4
Blade Thickness: 0.126"
Handle Thickness: 0.603"

Here's a picture of a damascus Patriot: