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Haveing stumbled upon this page or any page referring to Furries the average person would be confused. Most of the times this is the case. Other people who stumble upon the term may befamilair with the term, but are Misinformed almost to an extreme about what Furries are. And my fellow Furries would fall into the third and smallest group who infact are furries and know what it truly means to be one.

So what is a Furry?

Well... that is actully a tougher question than you might think, and is one of the reasons why furries are usally misunderstood. This is becuase most furries have their own definition of what it means to be a furry. The are however, a few key charteristics that most furries have. The first of which seems rather obvious.

Furries like furry animals, that is to say, animals with fur. I bet that came as a big shock. Now with that info you can effectively catorize every kid under the age of 10 as a furry. So lets narrow it down a bit.

Most furries are arists, that doesnt mean alot of artists are furries, but more of that if you are a furry you are likely to also be an artist.

Now before we get to much further into this there are a few thing you should know, The first of which is a single word: "Fursona"


Now that you are thoroughly confused, I feel I should expalin myself better. Each Furry has a "Fursona" or "Ideal self", what whould they be if they had the power to be. Now before you start trying to figure out what that means, I'm going to save u the trouble and tell you. Usally furries wish they were animals, Well let me say that in a more accurate way, furries usally wish they were the cross between humans and animals. We have all seen this before, and I'm not taking about "The Lion King" or "The Fox and the Hound", but more along the lines of "Robin Hood". We all saw Robin Hood as a fox and Litte John as a bear and thought nothing of it.

Disney Robin Hood Image

Usally if a person's fursona is a fox they would look like Robin Hood or Maid Marian if they were a bear, then Little John.
Most furries pick one animal (thier favorite) and make that thier fursona. Yet other furries like to merge animals and end of with a cross between the animlas they like. the Chimera follows this same idea. and yet some furries pick animals that dont even have fur those furries who like reptiles are refered to as "Scalies", birds "Ovains" there are aquatic furs pretty much any animal can be a furry. Well i shouldnt say animal.. more along the line of Chordate. (animals with vetrebrea) I've yet to hear of a furry being an insect..

The Truth

There are a few common misconceptions about furries. and ill go through all the ones I can think of.

Furries are fat
I honestly dont know where anyone gets that idea. To the contrary, most furries are fit and physically healthy.
All furries are "Gay"
This is false. Although I can not deny the fact that an abnormally large percentage are "gay" or "bi". but my no means are "all" or even "most" Furries gay/bi.
Furries find animals sexually attractive
Again, False. But still has a basis in fact. Furries find the mix between humans and animals attractive, here is a picture of Krystal, Drawn by the famous furry artist "Dr. Comet". In my opinion this artist sets the standard for "good" furry art.

Can't think of any more off the top of my head... when I do I will put them up...

Furry Video games

The main video games I play that features furries are the Ratchet and Clank Series