Southwest Police Motorcycle Training and Competition


18th Annual
Southwest Police Motorcycle Training and Competition
April 4th and 5th, 2014...
Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, I just got back from the event, and had a great time catching up with old friends and making new ones. By my count, there were 139 officers representing 28 different departments, 6 states and 3 countries! In addition to all the USA folks, we had some from Mexico and Canada as well. The weather was pretty much perfect the whole time, and allowed things to go off right on schedule.
The practice day got off to a quick start as everyone was trying the main course, practice area, and working on the team ride. Many cones were hit, but I am glad to report that none were taken out of service!
Dana White, UFC President, gave a short speech at the awards banquet, and dropped a bombshell announcement....he personally donated $10,000 to the event, and the UFC matched that with another $10,000!!! Everyone dug deep as always and added more money through the silent auction and passing the boot around. It is always a good time when we can work on our riding skills, make new contacts and friends, and raise lots of money for Special Olympics.
Phoenix P.D. announced that they will host the event next year, and as usual I will update this site when I know more.
Las Vegas announced that they will get the results posted on their website,, as soon as they can.


Kenny V.