Kenneth Paul Duncan for Mayor

A Common Person's Candidate

Common Sense Leadership

I am a common, lower middle class man that has a deep spiritual relationship with God and Christ.I am a family man with three lovely, intelligent daughters and an outstanding, supportive, beautiful and intelligent wife.

I believe that a strong family unit is the best teaching tool for our youth in America and the world.

I believe that my background as a common working man who has had to deal with a limited budget and the hard choices required about how and what to spend our money on is indeed valid experience for leading the city of Colorado Springs into the uncertain future of today’s economy.

I am prepared to make choices that are unpopular with small groups of individuals in order to assure a bright future of the entire population of this fine city’s citizens.


I will save the city over $21,000 my first day in office!!!!

I sent out a press release in October of 2010 explaining that I would accept only $75,000 for my salary instead of the $96,000 suggested in the ballot proposal.


Because that is ENOUGH!!!

I have also publicly stated that I would pay 50% of my health care premiums.

To date, no other candidate has acknowledged my press release or offered to do the same.

Put government back in the hands of the common man!

To contact me directly, please use The contact page is evidently very picky with the code you have to use.


Kenneth Paul Duncan