Basic Information

I am a Colorado Native. I am a man of faith with a deep belief in God and Christ. I am a common man raised in a lower middle class income family and I understand the needs and pitfalls of the working class family. I understand hard work and I am not afraid to do the labor and get my hands dirty. I am the only college graduate in my immediate family and even deeper into my extended family. I believe that my history of living within a limited income stream and making hard choices about what to spend the family budget on is indeed valid experience for leading this city into the uncertain future of lower revenues.



I am 49 years old this year.

I am married, and have been for over 16 years. I have three wonderful daughters. One from a previous marriage, and two from this marriage.

I graduated from high school in Fairplay, CO in 1980. (Yes, the real South Park)

I served in the United States Army and was Honorably Discharged in May of 1984.

I graduated from National American University in 2005 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and an Associates Degree in Information Technology.

I have worked as a Route Sales Rep for FILTERFRESH since October 30th of 1998. I was  layed off last July due to lack of sales in Southern Colorado.


I enjoy gardening, pretty much all kinds of music (though the new fad of Sub-woofers is driving me nuts), and a good action flick as well as a good tear jerker now and again.


I believe in family relationships and that the family unit is the most important teaching tool in America.

Kenneth Paul Duncan