City Wages and Salaries

The first thing I want to say before I bring down the hammer is that I hold our city employees in high regard. I completely respect the job that is done by our police department, our fire department, our utilities department, and our office workers. Do NOT mistake my suggested changes as punishment. My suggestions come from seeing a situation where government employees nationwide have begun to see their pay and benefits as something they are entitled to just because they work for the government. Government jobs should not be used as a tool to build the economy, they should be used as a tool to build our communities.

I propose a wage freeze and the institution of salary caps for all city employees from Public Safety to office staff. I will also propose that the same action be taken for Utilitities, but as we now know, the mayor will not be allowed to have any power regarding what actually gets changed in utilitities.

We need more workers and less management throughout the system.

Kenneth Paul Duncan