Medical Marijuana

I believe that the use of marijuana as a medicine is an un-impeachable fact. The benefits of marijuana use for medicinal purposes have been proven.

That said, I do have a small issue with the growing number of dispensaries springing up around town. In my research I find that to date, (7 Sep 2010) we have 87 stores dispensing medical marijuana. ( This number from the webpage ) UPDATE! I hear more recently that we have over 100 dispensaries.

With only an estimated 3000 prescription carrying patients in our city (7,600 statewide just 14 months ago), that would be only about 28 patients per dispensary. The number of dispensaries may be a boon to the landlords of those properties, but certainly do not represent a good business model.

Marijuana is not legal yet, and I would suggest a more strict regulation of the process from getting the prescription to providing the medicine.

As a caveat to my opinion I remind everyone that I believe alcohol use and abuse has created more heartache, crime, and violence in this country than all other drugs combined.

Kenneth Paul Duncan