Police and Abuse of Power?

It is my opinion that any person willing to work in law enforcement is a person that deserves our utmost respect. In this day and age where personal freedom seems to trump the outright wrong of breaking the law, it should not be hard to understand that the job carries with it a high degree of stress in dealing with disrespectful criminals and the inability to handle them roughly. I do respect police officers. I always have and have taught my children to do the same.

I have always had a very hard time believing that the police could possibly be as bad as some point them out to be. I would be a fool however to claim that police abuse of power does not exist at all. I have heard some stories and would like to know your opinions about the subject.

Please use the "contact" function to relay your stories to me. I can guarantee you that if I am blessed to be your mayor, every police officer will be given renewed directives to be subjective and non judgmental about any race or type of citizen. ANY police brutality will be met with my full efforts to remove the offending officer(s) from duty in this city and any other form of law enforcement.

Kenneth Paul Duncan