Political Stance

I, for the most part, consider myself to be a conservative. I believe in lower taxes and less government interference.

I believe that the government has a place in our lives, and should operate to protect us from evil, and from nations that want to kill us because we believe in freedom. I do not believe that the government is your personal nanny and as such, is not reponsible for paying your bills when you live beyond your means. I believe in a hand up, not a hand out. I believe in fiscal responsibility in both your house and in the government.

I am running as an independant because I have lost faith that either party is interested in the longevity of America anymore. Members of both major parties seem to be interested only in making money for themselves, and have begun ignoring the long term consequences of their actions.

If I had to be labelled something other than independent, I might go with "Republicrat", or perhaps "Demopublican".

I believe "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." Spoken by Spock in "The Wrath of Khan".


OR, more precisely,

"Even supposing the chief good to be eventually the aim for the individual as for the state, that of the state is evidently of greater and more fundamental importance both to attain and to preserve. The securing of one individual's good is cause for rejoicing, but to secure the good of a nation or of a city-state is nobler and more divine." Aristotle in his "The Aim of Man".

Kenneth Paul Duncan