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Shi Wang Shih Tzu

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 Shi Wang Shih Tzu


When we decided to begin breeding Shih Tzu we created a name to represent what we understood Shih Tzu meant in Chinese, Lion Dog. We also understand the dog was bred for Royalty. Therefor we came up with Shi Wang, or loosely, Lion King

"We" are Kenneth Duncan, an office coffee sales person, and Rene' Duncan, a Real Estate Professional in the greater Colorado Springs area.

We truly love our pets and we live in "their " home right along side of each other. We do not believe in shutting them off from any activity and as such they have free reign of the home with 24/7 access through the doggy door to the dog run outside of our kitchen. The breed is completely trainable to be comfortable and happy with limited access to the home as well as sleeping on the floor. They have, however, graciously allowed us to sleep on the bed with them.

As we stated in our About Us page, we decided early on to have only AKC registered dogs in the home so that we could enjoy the full benefit of the breed in its personality and behavior. Another reason for purchasing AKC purebred dogs is that at some point we knew we would want to breed and we wanted to know that we could offer animals that conformed to AKC Breed Standards. We want to offer the very best that we can to our buying family.

We are proud to offer healthy, happy puppies to you. We give a written, two-year Health Guarantee (Limited Warranty), which offers a full refund of the purchase price if the puppy should be diagnosed with a fatal health condition (please see Health Guarantee for full description). We understand that money does not replace an animal that has filled an empty space in your heart, and we are confident that that will not be an issue with one of our puppies.

All of our puppies will come with an AKC registration application, or certificate. For pet homes we offer a lower price due to the limited AKC registration as opposed to the full AKC registration that we offer to homes that wish to breed animals in the future.

As a buyer of one of our Shih Tzu you will become a member of our extended Shih Tzu family. We will remain available to you for help or information purposes.