Race Relations in our Community

I attended an NAACP event this afternoon (27 Feb 2011) and it was a real eye opening experience. First let me take the time to acknowledge the outstanding life of achievement that is Dr. James Sauls. Oh how I wish I knew him before tonight. He is a real doer of things. From his service in Viet Nam to his overcoming that time of war and coming home to achieve real beneficial accomplishments for our community. Thank you sir.

I know now that my sheltered view of things has kept me from being a full rounded person.

Suffice it to say the NAACP is about beneficial change to the ENTIRE country. This event was nothing like the event mentioned below. It was nothing more (or less) than a group of God fearing Christians who are about the business of doing Gods work in the name of Christ. Oh how I wish I had ran for public office years ago. 

I recently attended a forum put on by the African American Voice, a publication dedicated to serving the informational needs of the black community. I do understand that most of James Tucker's opinions about racial disparity come from obvious and overt truths. I do not agree with the totallity of his statements, but suffice it to say that even though there have been GREAT strides in the way non-white people are treated, we, as a country, still have a long way to go to ensure that a person is not judged by the color of their skin, but only by the type of life they choose to lead.


It is my fervent desire to represent ALL citizens of this city. I will do that when I am elected Mayor. 

Kenneth Paul Duncan