Taxation and Fee Collection

One of the most important things to recognize is that taxes, as well as fees i.e. drivers licenses, hunting licenses, fishing licenses, building permits, etc. are necessary for the successful operation of any government.

I believe that the biggest wall that stands against tax increase and bond measure proposals is that the citizen no longer trusts the government to use the funds for the appropriate purpose intended. If we could trust the government to use tax increases for the good of the people, instead of lining the pockets of a few individuals, or trust them to hire new employees instead of giving pay increases to existing employees, we might just find that the people would be willing to vote FOR the new tax instead of against it.

This is exactly why the people are very hesitant to vote for school bond issues. The money almost ALWAYS goes for pay increases instead of towards the students needs.

As your mayor I would push for a savings account that would be added to in the economic good times, so that when low revenues happen during bad economic times, we aren't stuck with firing needed civil servants and neglecting our obligations to the infrastructure of our parks and streets.

Kenneth Paul Duncan