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In order to make updating Financial Management in the Church quick and responsive, I no longer keep an inventory of printed copies.  Instead, I will send you a printable PDF file.  The entire book is now about 150 pages.  You can print the entire book or any portions.  If you want a printed copy in its entirety, it is easiest to take the file to a copy center (like Kinko’s) and pay them to print it out.  It only takes a short time for them to do so.  Some print centers will also take it via e-mail for established customers. 

Our agreement is that you may print a single hard copy for the purchase price.  In fact, there is nothing about the file that restricts you from printing more, but for all additional copies you make I ask that you send $5 each.  I price the additional copies this way because I know how important it is to have more than one person reading it at the same time.  Thank you for your understanding and willingness to pay me for all copies. 

You can get the file either of two ways  --  We can do it the fast way, or we can do it the slow way.


The Fast Way:

1)  Write down my e-mail address: peter.henrickson “at”

2)  Log on to and set up a free personal account if you do not have one already.

3)  Go to your Paypal account and send me $20.  You will do this using my e-mail address.  You will have an opportunity to send a note with your payment via Paypal so you can let me know who you are.  If you want to e-mail me directly as an additional precaution that is fine too.  I usually get a notification from Paypal within a few minutes when someone transfers money to me – sometimes before their e-mail.

4)  I will send you the PDF file via return e-mail directly, since Paypal also sends me your e-mail address.

5)  Please understand I am not always home on my computer.  Usually I get the file back to a customer the same day they request it.  But, not always.


The Slow Way:  

If you are not comfortable using Paypal --

1)  Send a check and a note to:  Peter Henrickson, 8504 SE Middle Way, Vancouver, WA 98664.

2)  Indicate whether you would rather have the file on a CD which I will return by mail, or via e-mail attachment.

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