KPTV's -- and Oregon's -- first local program was a fifteen-minute newscast featuring Norman Wallace, on Friday, April 24, 1953. The following Monday, Barbara Angell debuted Portland's first daily show, "What's Cooking?"  For the next five decades, KPTV created and broadcast some of the most innovative and entertaining shows in the country. From teens dancing to parlor games to sport and news, KPTV proved herself "up to the task" of providing viewers with an abundance of on-air choices.

Today, all but a handful of these programs are lost to the ages. The earliest shows aired live -- there was no such thing as a rerun. A few programs were kinescoped, but poor quality and expense prevented them from being used as a regular source of programming. Later, shows were videotaped, aired, then reused the next day; a necessity in an era of large and heavy (two-inches wide!) tape reels. Besides that, the concept of storing thousands of hours of programs -- the majority of which would never air again -- seemed an unreasonable and impossible task.

The more's the pity. KPTV's early years were an irreplaceable chronicle of local events and talent, the likes of which will never be seen again. 

So, for most of the programs below, this archive, the recollections of casts and crews, and the fond memories of viewers, are all that exist of KPTV's golden age.

The Addie Bobkins Show
Children's Entertainment (1961-1964)
Bar 27 Corral
Children's Entertainment (1953-1956)
Big Time Wrestling
Local Sports (1967-1991)
Cartoon Party
Game Show (1955-1956)
Championship Shuffleboard
Sports (1964)
Checkered Flag
Auto Racing Highlights (1968)
Chuck Foster's News Scene
News and Information (1953-1954)
Columbia Crossroads
Public Affairs (1970-1983)
The Deep Show
Information for Women (1958)
Dialing for Dollars
Game Show (1967-1968)
Public Affairs (1983-1984)
Dinner at Bart's
Interview/Entertainment (1955)
Dr. Zoom
Children's Entertainment (1962-1966)
Dog Tales
Children's Entertainment (1953)
Don Stellges Reports
News (1969-1970)
Equitable Newsmaker of the Week
News Interviews (1956)
Eye Opener
News (1960-1961)
Focal Point
Public Affairs (1984-1986)
Food for Thought
Discussion (1954)
For Teenagers Only
Teen Activities/Events (1962)
Freezer Fancies
Cooking Advice/Demonstration (1953)
Friend of the Family
Home Advice/Demonstration (1953-1955)
Gardening for Fun
Horticultural Advice/Demonstration (1967-1984)
Geri's Home Journal
Home Advice/Demonstration (1957-1958)
Good Day Oregon
News and Information (1996-present)
Heck Harper's Corral
Children's Entertainment (1953-1956)
Heck Harper's Jamboree
Country Music (1956)
Heidelberg Wrestling
Local Sports (1953-1954)
The Hidden Camera
Concealed Conversation (1956)
High and Wild
Local Travel (1962-1969)
High Five
Game Show (1993-2002)
High Time
Music/Dance (1957-1960)
Hobo Kelly
Children's Entertainment (1969-1973)
Hoffman Hayride
Country Music (1953)
House of Horror
Horror Movies (1957-1958)
How to... with Pete
Home Improvement (1976-1984)
Hunting & Fishing News
Sporting News (1953-1954)
In the Garden with Mike Darcy
Horticultural Advice/Demonstration (2000-2002)
Junior Auction
Local Auction (1958)
Kids' Comedy Theater
Children's Entertainment/Movies (1972-1973)
Lake Oswego Jamboree
Musical Entertainment (1962)
Mac's Music Go Round
Musical Entertainment (1954)
Magic Circus
Children's Entertainment (1954)
Mr. Smiles Reads the Funnies
Newspaper Comics (1953)
Mr. Talent
Talent Competition (1956)
Modesto Rios
Latino Music and Information (1971-1976)
Morning Newsreel
News (1959)
Local Movie Opens (1953-2002)
Myrus the Mentalist
Supernatural Entertainment (1953)
News Central
News and Information (1956-1964)
News Interviews (1970s-2002)
Newspaper of the Air
News and Information (1953-1956)
News (1956)
News Recap (1992)
Northwest Bylines
News Features (1970s-1990s)
Northwest Home
Home Advice/Demonstration (1953-1957)
Northwest News Digest
News and Information (1953)
Northwest Ramblings
Local Travel (1958)
Northwest Reports with Lars Larson
News Investigation (1992-1997)
Number 12 Northwest
Public Affairs (1972-1983)
On the Practice Tee
Sports Instruction (1953)
Oregon's News 12 at Six
News (1996-1999)
Outdoor Byline
Fishing News (1957)
Local Sports (1962)
Popeye's Pier 12 (Addie Bobkins)
Children's Entertainment (1961-1964)
Popeye's Pier 12 (Ramblin' Rod)
Children's Entertainment (1964-1997)
Portland Amateur Boxing
Local Sports (1960-1966; 1973; 1977)
Portland Panorama
Local Travel (1962-1963)
Portland Speaks
News/Interviews (1953)
Portland Wrestling
Local Sports (1967-1991)
The Powerland Story
Local Travel/History (1956)
Racing from Portland Meadows
Horse Racing (1953)
The Ramblin' Rod Cartoon Show
Children's Entertainment (1964-1997)
Romper Room
Children's Entertainment (1959-1963)
Rusty Nails and The Three Stooges
Children's Entertainment (1960-1962)
Rusty Nails' Cartoons
Children's Entertainment (1967-1972)
Rusty's Hour
Children's Entertainment (1958-1960)
See Hear
Musical Entertainment (1954-1956)
Shopping Views
Consumer Advice (1954)
Irregularly Scheduled Programs (1953-2002)
Sports Clinic
Sports Advice/Demonstration (1954)
Sports Den (Bob Blackburn's Sports Den)
Sports News and Highlights (1953)
Sports on View
Sports News and Highlights (1953)
Stars of Tomorrow
Talent Contest (1957-1963)
Stump the DJs
Game Show (1955-1956; 1962)
The Tarantula Ghoul Show
Horror Movies (1957-1958)
Fund Raising for Charities (1971-2002)
The Ten O'Clock News
News (1970-present)
The 10:30 Report
News and Commentary (1973)
The Toymaker
Children's Entertainment (1953-1954)
Treasure Hunt
Game Show (1953-1954)
TV Bingo
Game Show (1963)
TV Show of Homes
Local Real Estate (1961-1969)
12 in the Morning
Interviews (1964-1995)
Uncle Charlie's Den
Children's Entertainment (1959-1961)
Uncle Charlie's Roundhouse
Children's Entertainment (1959-1962)
Uncle Whittle
Children's Entertainment (1956-1957)
Video Game
Game Show (1954)
Viewers Digest
Public Affairs (1983-1993)
Watch the Birdie
Children's Entertainment (1956)
Weather Vane
Weather Forecast (1953)
Wedding Belles
Matrimonial Advice/Demonstration (1953-1955)
What's Cooking? / What's Cooking at Home?
Home Advice/Demonstration (1953-1957)
What's on Your Mind?
Supernatural Entertainment (1953)
Wolfard's Supper Club
Musical Entertainment (1957)
The World on View
News and Information (1953)

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