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Hobo Kelly
Fall 1969 - February 23, 1973

Hobo Kelly (Sally Baker) in her KCOP studio in Los Angeles.

Like Ramblin' Rod and Rusty Nails, Hobo Kelly was the host of a children's show that featured cartoons. Unlike Rod and Rusty, however, Hobo Kelly (played by Sally Baker) was actually produced in Los Angeles, at the studios of KPTV's sister station KCOP (also owned by Chris-Craft.) Broadcasting from "Hobo Junction," Hobo Kelly clowned and kidded her way into the hearts of Northwest children for four seasons.

You can find an excellent page and more pictures dedicated to Hobo Kelly here:




SEP 1969 - FEB 1973: MON-FRI 8:00AM-9:00AM

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