NUMEROLOGY FOR A NEW YOU!      By: Karen Rogich



    This is a website set up to help you find out more about your strengths and weaknesses and to find a vocation that suits you. You can look at your life events chart and understand what problems and obstacles you have been through and use these insights in the next phase of your life. It can also give your faith a boost when you can see how God has a hand in your life.

    Numerology is an old science that dates back to the Greeks. Hypocrites spent time on numerology studies as well as medicine. The ancient physician was concerned about the 'whole man' and not just the body. Numerology is an inside puzzle-breaker - it tells of your personality and mindset and can time the onset of different ways of thinking. 

    Numerology is the study of life force that resides in your name and birth date. There are two separate schools of numerology; One is the American and the other is the Hebrew.  The American system is direct and can be related easily to the life being lived by an individual. Using this American system can show many views of the person being studied.  For instance, the “soul number” is the secret self. It’s not the outward personality you present to the public but the one known to yourself only.  This, as Silvia Brown relates in her books, is the part of yourself connected to God.

    The life lesson number relates to the reason you are living this life on earth, what you are to keep in front of you as a goal.  Your numbers do not lie and can tell you a great deal about your life line.

    For example, I have the number '7' as a primary growth number (meaning it oversaw my reaction to life) and my life reflected the meaning of number 7 until I reached the age of 26. Then another number took over.  The number '7' is spiritual and mysterious and my life took on those aspects in the major maturing years. So Numerology is a dynamic process over one's life. 

    I have 30 years of studying spirituality and a bachelor’s degree in social science. I have given local numerology reading parties for several years now. The catalogue has a wide range of offerings, something to suite anyone’s needs.

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I am not responsible for decisions made that result in a personal loss based on a numerological reading. All advice given is held in privacy as is the personal information of each client: such as name, address, birthday and reading contents. No permanent data will be stored after the reading is complete.