K-State Women's Volleyball Club

Go Wildcats!


Welcome to the official K-State Women's Volleyball Club hompage.  We are so excited for this new season!  Last year K-State proudly went to Nationals for the first time in a long time and took 9th!! This season we can only hope to make our team bigger, stronger, and better to show everyone that K-State is here to stay! We are so excited to meet all the new girls and see some returning ones too!

We will be using this website a lot for posting practices, games, events, info and a lot more so visit offten.  If you have any questions or comments please don't be afraid to contact us.


  • Go to the "Blog" tab and tell us which tournaments you can and can't go to.
  • Click on the Next Event button to get more info on Thursday's Scrimmage.
  • $50 Fee due by Monday!!!!!