K-State Women's Volleyball Club

Go Wildcats!


Thank you all for a wonderful try out!  For those of you who didn't "make the team", this is not goodbye.  You are still apart of our volleyball world and we would love to keep in touch and keep playing with you.  We are always looking for practice players, and sometimes we need people to replace an injured girl and people who can't make it to tournaments.  See you Monday!!

(p.s. these are in no particular order.  We will talk more at practice about the logistics of it all.) 

Whitney Degenhardt
Samantha Shirley
Jessilyn Ochs
Kelly Jewel
Hilary Heinrichs
Tiffany Chalupa
Bridget Glynn
Morgan Twornbly
Nicole DeBrie
Kimberly Hall
Kristine Clowers
Amber Laudick
Lily Cooper
Kayleigh Harloff
Chelsea Hayes
Hannah Groom