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Announcing A VERY SPECIAL Book Event





Join us for a quiet night with Jon Hassler.This event will celebrate the release of Jonís new book The Staggerford Flood (Viking).Jon hasnít participated at a public book event in over two years.He has no plans for any other public book events or appearances.This is a unique opportunity to meet author Hassler and spend time with him and some of his literary friends coming together to honor him on the evening of Friday, October 18, 2002.


The Minnesota Humanities Commission is hosting this special reception honoring Hassler and the release of his new book.Ten signed copies of the The Staggerford Flood will be available at the event.Five signed copies of the book will be offered as door prizes to admission paying attendees.Five additional copies will be auctioned during the evening.Jon says that he anticipates less than 100 signed copies of this book will ever be available.No signed copies will be available in bookstores.The 10 signed copies available at this event will be very special and valuable.


Admission to the event is a $50 tax-deductible contribution to the Minnesota Humanities Commission.All proceeds from the event will go to Minnesota literature and literacy programs.

Hereís a chance to spend a little time with Jon, enjoy some terrific dessert, coffee, and wine and perhaps come home with a signed copy of The Staggerford Flood.The event is open to invited guests and the generalpublic and is limited to 150 attendees.So make your on-line reservations TODAY!Go to www.minnesotahumanities.org/Book/events.htm.Your tickets will be sent to you by mail.


What you get if you come:


*†† The satisfaction of contributing to the advancement of reading and literacy in Minnesota

*†† A chance to get one of 10 very exclusive signed copies of The Staggerford Flood

*†† An opportunity to celebrate with Jon Hassler upon the release of his new book

*†† An opportunity to greet and talk with Jon one to one

*†† Great coffee, dessert, and wine.


There will be remarks from Jonís wonderful friends and some readings from his books.Jon will not be reading at the event but will greet and meet with people in small groups.Readings by surprise guest speakers Ė you wonít want to miss this program.


The event will take place at the:


Minnesota Humanities Commission

987 East Ivy Avenue

St. Paul, MN 55106


The event will take place on:


Friday, October 18, 2002

7:30 Ė 10:00 PM

Admission - $50.


For more information go to our web site or call Paul Druckman at (651) 772 4251.