Jon Hassler's Christmas book, Underground Christmas, was published by Afton Historical Society Press.  It was their third publication in a series of annual Christmas books. The following is from the Afton Historical Society Press:

Jon's story is about a man named Jay who has come rather late to his midlife crisis. Nearing fifty, Jay finds himself dislocated by divorce and his only child's attempted suicide. Seeking stability, he has taken a temporary teaching position at his alma mater, St. Andrew's College (which sounds suspiciously like St. John's at Collegeville).

Part One opens in the schools' potting shed, which in earlier days had been a root cellar. Jay and his close friend Charlie are part of a small Christmas Eve gathering. Jay is a man off balance, licking his wounds and afraid of the change inherent in everyday life.

Part Two is a scene at breakfast on Christmas morning in the school's basement dining room. Jay becomes distraught when Charlie, who is on the brink of ordination to the priesthood, tells him that he has decided to leave the seminary.

Part Three takes palace at Rookery State Hospital (part of it in the basement of bungalow eight), where Jay pays a Christmas visit to this son Bob, a recovering alcoholic. It becomes apparent that if Jay is going to recover his equilibrium, Bob will be a factor in his recovery.

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