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Know the enemy and know yourself;
In a hundred battles you will never be in peril.
            When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself,
         Your chances of winning or losing are equal;
               If ignorant both of your enemy and of yourself,
                   You are certain in evry battle to be in peril.--Sun Tzu
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 Technology for Humanity
Always in Motion!
Spiro Agnew - Hippies
Stokely Carmichael - Black Power 
Samuel Gompers - Labor's Service to Freedom

MX_Ballot or Bullet.mp3      
Warren Harding - Americanism           
William Howard Taft - The Rights of Labor                    
Theodore Roosevelt - Social and Industrial Justice             

MLK _1968_ I_ve Been to the Mountain Top.mp3            
Dick Gregory _1963_ Civil Rights speech after arrest.mp3        
Bryan, William Jennings: The Republic
Coolidge, Calvin: Law and Order

Hubert Humphrey - Cambodia Bombing
Samuel Gompers - Labor's Service to Freedom
Howard Hughes - Senate Investigation
Timothy Leary - Think For Yourself
GeneralStrike newsreel 1
GeneralStrike newsreel 2                
CriticalMass police attack      
Corruption in Local 2   Democracy
Explosives- Tool for Progress
Case for Beer, A
Radioactive Fallout and Shelter
Recycling in San Francisco      
Alcohol Is Dynamite     
Enemy At The Gates

The Shock Doctrine

Amazing Grace
Solidarity Forever
Revolution 1

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