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Partnering with Freudenberg Household Products LP, Youth Technology Corps, Technology for Humanity, and Exit Platinum Realty. It was possible to facilitate a donation of a 40 foot container to be filled with technology and office equipment to be used in Ghana for community and small business development.

If you want to help continue this type of recycling activity, have some ideas or know of equipment that could be used in developing economies then contact me to see what we could do together to change the world we live in.

The youth who helped today to send equipment to Ghana had no time for negative activities.

They were proud of their work.

They asked when is the next truck to be loaded to help our brothers in Africa.

Positive Activities Create, Positive Solutions.



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Partners in Ghana Donation

Special Thanks to

Dartanion Evans
Jeffery Booker
Derrick Thomas
Kingsey Okoh
Juan Maya
Tim Molek
Sherry Gray
Chris Dean
Vicki and Jim Watzlawich

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