HSBC Donation 10/30/09 - Getting Things Done

Working with HSBC Bank Corp that donated 500 computers to to be used to bridge the digital divide a hybrid partnership between organizations is evolving where the needs of the community are being served faster than ever.




We know that many organizations never see or experience the donations they provide in action.  That is what differentiates our work form others, we provide real time feed back that is accessable to the donor and community to provide an interactive exchange to maximize equipment reuse.


 Technology for Humanity



Benton House

We have already refurbished YTC some of the HSBC computers and they are already available to the community that Benton House serves. In less than 24hours form pick up to delivery the donated equipment from HSBC is already available for use in the community. I say this because this is the foundation of our mission to provide the technology communities need to be successful as soon as we can. We believe as in today’s business world that turn around time is important and a results orientated model of performance that maximizes end user productivity is essential for success: the end user in our case is people in need of technology to bridge the digital divide.



1st HSBC Computer Refurbished - Benton House 103109



Updated HSBC Donation pics

I will post updates of further placements of the equipment donated as they are documented.


Again, thank you for everyone’s help.


John Kugler
Program Manger

Organizations involved are in facilitating the rapid deployment of this donation are

Technology for Humanity (Lead organization)


Youth Technology Corps (logistics and tech support)


Benton House (facilities and logistics)


Hales Franciscan School (facilities)


 Technology for Humanity

dr kugler