Senegal Reuse 09/19/09 - ICT Collaboration

ICT Collaboration and Reuse for Senegal

September 19, 2009 on the Southside of Chicago in a donated storefront about 25 people got together to make a difference in our world. We worked on recycling 150 untested donated computers to get them ready to be shipped to Senegal. In 7 hours that we tested and cleaned 150 computers, 100 successful installations of Ubuntu, numerous computers fixed, 150 monitors tested and cleaned, dozens of keyboards and mice cleaned and packed, dozens of printers/speakers matched w/cords and packed and numerous cables packed.

We had people from a variety of background and stages in their life: technicians, IT administrators, people seeking work, students, teachers, and non profit organizers. We had 6 members of the BDPA (Black Professional Data Processors Association…thanks Millie), four students from Robert Morris (thanks Rose) and from the Youth Technology Corps (thanks Andy, John and his two sons, James and Keith). Kathy Mannion, Jack O'Donnell and John Kugler mapped out the work.

On Thursday of this week Philip Nwachukwu who was fixing computers with Reggie Spaulding will come back to continue to work on computers. I’ve asked 2 other friends to help. If anyone else has skills in this area and would like to help please let me know. Or if you know someone who fixes computers that would be great as well. We’ll be there from 9-3.

We are stilling looking for computers to complete the shipment to Senegal: working Pentium III or better.

On Oct 17th we will pack a 20’ ship’s container with this equipment. Container will be parked in back This date is 80% certain at this point. This is mostly lifting work: 8-1PM.

Jack O'Donnell
Chicago Coordinator
Regional Manager for Latin America

Article in the Beverly Review pdf LINK

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Pics from the event.






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