Whitecaps Claim 2004 Cascadia Cup


Club Games Played Points Wins Draws Losses Goals For Goals Against Goal Differential




Vancouver 8 13 4 1 3 7 6 +1 17 0 17


8 12 4 0 4 10 11 -1 17 0 17
Seattle 8 10 3 1 4 9 9  0 17 1 19

Final stat notes:  

Everything was about as close as it can get! Goal differential, final standing points, even disciplinary points were 

basically even for all three clubs! What a year to start the cup!




Vancouver Supporters Present Cup to 'Caps August 15




Photo Gallery of 2004 Cup Presentation


2004 Schedule/Results

Date Home Club Away Club
May 1 Portland Timbers-2 Seattle Sounders-1
May 15 Seattle Sounders-0 Portland Timbers-1
May 23 Vancouver Whitecaps-1 Portland Timbers-3
June 12    (overtime) Portland Timbers-0 Vancouver Whitecaps-1
July 2 Portland Timbers-0 Vancouver Whitecaps-2
July 9 Vancouver Whitecaps-1 Seattle Sounders-0
July 10 Seattle Sounders-0 Vancouver Whitecaps-0
July 16 Vancouver Whitecaps-1 Portland Timbers-0
July 17 (overtime) Seattle Sounders-3 Portland Timbers-4
July 24 Portland Timbers-0 Seattle Sounders-2
August 15 Cup Presentation Vancouver Whitecaps-0 Seattle Sounders-1
August 18 (overtime) Seattle Sounders-2 Vancouver Whitecaps-1

  Cascadia Cup Rules: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw. Team with the MOST POINTS after all matches is the winner. Tiebreakers:1.) The club who won the most head-to-head matches. If still tied, then  (2.) The club with the highest total of wins against all Cascadia Cup opposition. If still tied then (3.) The club with the best goal differential in all Cup games. If still tied then  (4.) The club who scored the most goals in all Cup games. If still tied then (5.) The club with the FEWEST disciplinary points in all Cup games. Yellow card=1 point, Red=2.  


Portland gets first kicks in Cup play, 2-1

Coverage: The Timber Mill    Seattle Times   Stats:USL.com


The Cascadia Cup is introduced to Portland Fans at PGE Park May 1st.

(Photo courtesy of The Timber Mill/Allison Andrews)


The Cup Arrives...

and will be in Portland for the May 1st Timbers-Sounders match...


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A poor scan representing the engraved plate at the base of the Cascadia Cup. 

The base is made out of Cherry wood. The winning club will engrave the year it won under the club name.

More press:  Seattle P-I   Seattle Times

Sounders press release, 3/30/2004

Local soccer tradition reborn, Sounders to compete in "Cascadia Cup"

(Seattle, Wash.) - - Supporters of the Seattle Sounders have teamed up with fan-based organizations for the Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps to sponsor the first annual "Cascadia Cup," to be awarded to the club who finishes with the best record in the season series between these three teams. The Cascadia Cup has been created to celebrate the strong rivalries between each of these three clubs.

As a part of the A-League schedule, the Sounders, along with the other two soccer clubs, will host two games against their local rivals to count in the Cascadia Cup standings. Cascadia Cup competition begins opening day with the Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers in Portland, Ore. on May 1st.

The team earning the most points in head-to-head competition against the other two teams using the current A-league point system will receive the cup. The current point system awards three points for each win and one point for a draw.

Using the cup's point system, 2003's matches would have created an interesting Cascade Cup race with the Sounders winning the cup standings with 18 points. Portland and Vancouver finished with 16 points each.

Corporations and fans have sponsored previous northwest cups, such as the "Rose Festival Cup" between the Sounders and Timbers. The name "Cascadia Cup" was chosen to reflect the geographical region that includes all three cities, Seattle, Portland and Vancouver, B.C.

Fans have donated money to pay for the two-foot tall silver Cascadia Cup that will rotate to each season's winner. The cup includes a plaque which will have each winning team's name engraved on it.

"The Cascadia Cup brings back the feeling of what it was like when the teams played each other in the old (North American Soccer League) NASL days," said Kurt Schubothe, a Portland soccer fan.

The Sounders Cascadia Cup matches are:

May 1st @ Portland Timbers
May 15th vs. Portland Timbers
July 9th vs. Vancouver Whitecaps
July 10th @ Vancouver Whitecaps
July 17th vs. Portland Timbers
July 24th @ Portland Timbers
August 15th @ Vancouver Whitecaps
August 18th vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

More information about the Cascadia Cup can be found at www.soundercentral.com/CascadiaCup/cascadia_cup.htm or by calling the Sounders at 206.622.3415.