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Switchback  . . . . . the Maddening Marble Puzzle from Binary Arts 1994

Object:   Switchback is a pattern-matching puzzle.   By sliding the slides and swicthing the balls (two colors) so they match the patterns as shown in the booklet.

Plato's Plight   . . . a tensegrity geometric puzzle
from Mag-Nif Inc . . . (later changed to "Plato's Secret" )

a.k.a. elsewhere on the web :
( Philosopher's Stone -- Philosopher's Knot
Merlin's Stone -- Cobweb -- Knit Wit)

You can see the solution  here  

Soma Cube   . . . created by Piet Hein - made by Parker Brothers (1969) - Binary Arts' Block by Block .   Fascinating Cube by Skor Mor .

mini Triangle Pin Burr   . . . origin unknown .

mini Burr   Unknown origin .   . . . from Stewart Coffin's   3 Pairs   puzzle .
Not only because this is a very small puzzle, but also because of the slippery plastic edges of the 'pairs' of each of the three sticks, this little simple-looking burr affords an extremely high level of frustrating dexterity in controlling the puzzle during assembly .   In fact, I have to cheat by tacking pieces of masking tape to certain areas .

Gabriel's Square
Same as Hi Q's Pythagoras , which is made by Tryne Games Mfg.; Lindenhurst, L.I.; 1961 , and also by TOLTOYS 1976..

Trillion   . . . from Ideal Corporation .

Fool's Spool   . . . The label on the puzzle states that it was made in 1970 by Norstar (N.T.I.).

mini plastic Squirrel's Cage   . . . origin unknown as to where I got it from.
Very high quality .

This one I don't have.
1961 BrainTeaser Puzzle from Adam's Novelty Co. called 'Locked Blocks'.

On the package, the puzzle is described as " Difficult to assemble, harder to take it apart!" .

Missing Link   . . . an Ideal puzzle from the makers of Rubik's Cube in the early 80's .

Rubik's Magic Rings   . . . by Matchbox in the mid-1980s

Cylinder Sliding Tiles   . . . origin unknown.

One place on the web calls it "Whip-It"-- made by LJN, Ltd (Hong Kong) in 1981.

Bank puzzle
  . . . Omni Puzzacal The Ultimate Puzzle . . . 3 and 1/2 billion combinations.   Distributed by J.Shin Co. Elk Grove Village IL.

Block Slider   . . . origin unknown (same as  'Grand Pris'   -- made by Parksmith Corp. in the 1960's - 70's -- except the large piece has a picture of a racing car stamped on it)

This 10pc plastic version represents one of many wood versions such as : an 81 year old Sliding Block Puzzle (15 pieces - 3 large squares) made by S. S. Adams Company  (Samuel Sorenson Adams)  of Asbury Park, New Jersey. Pat. Applied for 1927. )              ( box cover pic >>> )

(The pink rectangle of the puzzle shown would have to be removed in order to facilitate play)

The S.S.ADAMS sliding 15-block puzzle solution can be seen  here .

Wood versions are known by names such as :

Ching-Foo (14 pieces) . . . made and distributed by Southwestern Distributing Co., Hutchinson, Kansas

Dad's Puzzler . . . Box says "distributed by S-M NEWS CO INC, 229 FOURTH AVE, NY city", Copyright 1920 by J.W. Kaywarg, The Standard Trailer Company, Cambridge Springs, Pa. the price: "10-cents". Solution included.   another version of these that has a lighter colored box is stamped "Princess Novelty Shop, 321 So. Clark St, Chicago ILL." "   The earliest copyright of this puzzle was in 1909 under the name 'Pennant Puzzle'.
The solution to Dad's Puzzler (a.k.a.   Leech Puzzle and Penant Puzzle) is  here

L'Ane Rouge Puzzle (C27d) . . . aka Square Root, Mintman, et al. J. H. Fleming, 1946 (The Red Donkey) was popular in France. It features a red donkey (largest piece) trying to escape a maze of fences and pens to get to its carrots at the bottom, as stubborn as he is. Can be done in 81 moves.
 Mr Puzzle sells it under the name Major Migraine Maker .
The online game to L'Ane Rouge is  here
The solution can be seen  here

    not in my collection
Daughter In The Box . . . (Japanese name: hakoiri musume) . The puzzle is also known as "Hua Rong Dao", "Khun Chang Khun Phaen" and "Forget-me-not". Same pieces and play format as the Psychotease Puzzle and L'Ane Rouge, the object being: Slide the lagrest tile down to the exit hole.

The Moving Puzzle. . . was used as advertisement for the Fireproof Storage Company of Philadelphia, PA.   The inside of the box it comes in is marked "Copyright 1941".   The company was an Agent of Allied Van Lines who did long distance moving . . . hence, the name .   Yet another advertisement puzzle, also known as   The Moving Puzzle,   was by Bekins Van & Storage Co., State Wide Moving Service, Copywrighted 1927, by Frederic E. Aaron .   A third one says "Rankin Transfer & Storage Co, Norfolk Virginia"

\/ this puzzle is not in my collection \/

Other names from the past (with slightly different block configurations) :

The Flying Puzzle (14 pieces) . . . (Large square block says "plane", other blocks say things like "fog", "clouds", "rain", "snow", etc. Box says patented march 27, 1928)

The pics depicted here are courtesy of Eric from an email I received.

Ma's Puzzle . . . (Box says "A true to life, hard to get, Ma's Puzzle, Patent no 1633397, by Charles L.A. Diamond".)

George Washington Puzzle (15 pieces) . . . (Big piece is stamped w/ "George Washington", little pieces are stamped w/ words like: Honest, Loyal, Just, Faith, Noble, Liberty, War, Peace, Integrity, Brave, and Independence.)

Eskimo Pie Puzzle . . . The top cover of the box that contains the Eskimo Pie puzzle says, "Eskimo Pie Puzzle. Can you bring Eskimo Pie from Eskimo Land to the USA? Hurr's Ice Cream Williamsport, Penna."   Another version where the box states, "Object is to move the "Eskimo Pie" piece from "Eskimo Land" to "the USA". "Perkinson's, not a fad but a food; Eskimo Pie Corperation, Louisville, Ky.

The Starry Puzzler . . . (1926), manufactured by John M. Schneider of Detroit, Mich.

The LEECH Puzzle . . . manufactured by Leech Products Co. in Hutchinson, Kansas, U.S.A.

Square Root . . . by Parker Brothers

Tit-Bits Teaser No. 5 (14 pieces) . . . from George Newnes Ltd, London England. (a.k.a. The Train Puzzle -- Traffic Jam Puzzle)

Frigidaire . . . Jumble Puzzle ( from 1940s ? )

Joe's Puzzler . . . manufactured for The Japanese Magic & Novelty Store, 24 Yonge St. Arcade, Toronto

PSYCHOTEAZE . . . the almost impossible puzzle made in 1969 by Chock Full of Everything Co.

G I Nut Cracker

Jusso Nine Block Puzzle

Silver Label Puzzle (14 pieces)

King Coal Puzzle (14 pieces)

The Traffic Jam Puzzle (14 pieces) . . . by F. L. Babcock (a.k.a. Tit Bits Teaser -- The Train Puzzle)

Ego Buster . . . by Skor-Mor

Humdinger Puzzle (9 pieces)

The Infant's Hospital Puzzle (12 pieces) . . . Chad Valley 1920

Filipiak (9 pieces) (10 pieces) . . . aka Traffic Cop Tangle -- Schweig's Transatlantic Puzzle.

Hako . . . by Tryne . Nine colored plastic pieces, set up like Psychotease and others like it.

Frog Slider   . . . origin unknown.

'15' Slider   . . . origin unknown.

Pyramix   . . . origin unknown

Pocket Rubik's Cube   . . . origin unknown

Rubik's Cube (regular)   . . . origin unknown

Rubik's Revenge   . . . origin unknown

Rubik's Snake   . . . origin unknown

Impossible Ball   . . . origin unknown

3 mini Burrs   . . . origin unknown .

Plastic Simulated-Wood Ball   . . . origin unknown .

The next two mini puzzles were made in Germany by a manufacturer named Pussy .   Origin of purchase is unknown .


16 Pieces !
. . . form this highly complex little gem .

Mini Stacked Sticks

44 Identical Pieces !

6pc Hollow Burr   Unknown origin .   This is the original I fashioned the  mirrored  and  pine  ones after, which can be viewed on my page titled  "My Creations"  .

Squirrel's Cage   Unknown origin .   . . . mini simulated-wood plastic version of  Pentangle's  hardwood original . . . . . as well as the above  mini Plastic Squirrel's Cage -- of unknown origin .

Instant Insanity   . . . origin unknown .   The  colored plastic version  is made by Parker Brothers dated 1967 .   Another name on the Web is Tantalizer made in West Germany .   Also known as IT and distributed by F.J. Strauss Co., made in Hong Kong .   Then there's Face Four by Ideal, 1980 .

Mini Plastic ~ yellow/green/blue ~ Burr   . . . origin unknown .

mini Plastic Amber-Finned Burr   . . . origin unknown .

Hectix is a non-rectilinear burr licensed to the 3M Co. in 1970, and made by them out of injection-molded acrylic ( about 100,000 were made ) . . . and is a slightly different version of Stewart Coffin's  Hexsticks  (4th page in)  design which he made out of birch .
( Hexsticks was independently discovered by Bill Cutler around 1965. )
There are 2 more versions ( red, white & blue . . . and all clear ) which can be seen on my
 'E-Bay'  webpage .

Also made by 3M Co. out of injection-molded acrylic ( a variation of the Altekruse puzzle with pins and holes and center notches ) . . . . and also a version of Stewart Coffin's hardwood    version
(1st page in)   .
( The Altekruse puzzle was patented by W. Altekruse in 1890 )

Finger Puzzle Rings
Clockwise from bottom left : 4-band chain,   11-band (Q series),   5-band,   and 8-band .   All rings come apart in a cluster except for the 8-band,   whose bands can all be individually separated .   The 11Q is the most difficult .   These solid Sterling Silver rings were purchased from  Jewelry by Jose Grant

Star Of David

A shape-changing puzzle from Stewart Coffin .
Six interlocking, dissimilar pieces of Honduras Mahogany which assemble different ways to form various geometrical figures having an axis of symmetry .   The assembled puzzle has the shape of a symmetrical column with the Star of David as cross-sectional end faces .

Different assembly combinations yield the different shapes .

You can view the solution  here

Disco   . . . Mag-Nif Inc .
Exceptional quality and snug fit .

Disco . . . pieces

Made by Parker Brothers in 1982

Pepsi Puzzle Bank

Hershey Kiss

. . . . . pieces


. . . . . unboxed in a roll

. . . . . pieces