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Because this puzzle is made of clear acrylic, I have given colors to the pieces for easier ability of following the steps throughout this solution.
All the steps show the pieces being assembled from the top view .

2.    Place   B   on top of   A, tabs facing away from you, left end facing left, and pull towards you to seat the near   A   tab in the near notch of   B.

3.    Hold   C   vertically, tabs facing right, with left end downward.
       Seat   C's   notch over   B's   left tab and pull   C   to the left until it stops against the tab.

4.    Hold   D   vertically, tabs facing left, with right end downward. Seat   D's   slot over   B's   right tab and pull   D   to the
       right until it stops against the tab.

5.    Place   E   on top of   A, tabs facing towards you, left end facing right, seating   A's   far tab into   E's   slot.
       Push   E   away from you until it stops against the tab.

6.    With your left hand, hold   F   with tabs pointing downward, left end towards you, and lower it between   C   and   D.

7a.    With your right hand, push   D   left, seating   D's   tabs into both   F   and   A (not in view).

7b.    Then pull   E   towards you , seating   E   into   D.

7c.    Now push   F   down to seat it . . . . .

7d.    and finally push   C   in to complete the assembly.