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Although other sellers' versions do not go beyond a single loop, mine has the 'special' ability of threading 3 loops !   Extremely difficult !   Other versions are not physically capable of accomplishing this feat .

The beautifully highly-polished chromed spring is a whopping 6" long by 1 3/8" in diameter .
The wire is 1/8" thick .
The 'rugged' gold ring is 2 1/2" in diameter with a wire thickness of 1/4"

This picture shows the rings in each of their positions: unlocked locked.

This is the starting position as received through the mail -- double-spiraled -- in the middle of the spring in a locked position.

Turn ring clockwise so that the right-hand part of the ring is further away from you -- unlocked position.

Spiral all the way to the end.

Flip the ring over the end of the spring .   This will switch from a double spiral to a single spiral.

You are now in a locked single-spiral position.

Slide again back to the middle -- still in a locked position.

Flip the ring again in a clockwise rotation so that the right-hand part of the ring is further away from you.   You are now in an unlocked position.

Voila!   You are now ready to just bring the ring up away from the spring's spiral and maneuver to the end -- and off !    You have successfully completed stage 1 of this solution.

Stage 2 -- going for 3 spirals -- is yet to come!!

Yes, it can be done (with the right thickness spring).