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I got this through ebay. Unfortunately, whoever I got this from hoodwinked me into thinking that this was the real Bill's Baffling Burr.

However, a puzzle friend of mine emailed me the other day informing me that there were differences in the shape of my pieces, and those of the 'real' BBB as displayed on three different sites  here ,  here , and  here .

With the help of my fellow puzzle collector, Rob Stegman's  website , my friend Huso was able to identify the pieces. Mr Stegmann has a wonderful tool that identifies the pieces. The burr on this page has the following IDs: 120, 188, 670, 928, 992, 1024

Rob has a large catalog of burrs on his site. Huso found this combination and Rob states that it is: David Winkler's favorite 5.4

This means the burr on this page has the official name of :
Winkler's Favorite Level 5.4 Notchable Burr

Huso also says that this burr, as far as he knows, now has at least three things in common with Bills Baffling Burr:
1. The piece with the ID 992 is identical
2. The piece with the ID 1024 is identical
3. Both are level 5 burrs

Thank you, Huso, for your exhausting research !
Thank you Rob, for giving your expertise and data in collaboration with Huso.

Orient the assembled puzzle so that the only movable piece to start with -- which is horizontal to your view (#2)-- slides to the right, as shown in the picture, and #3 drops down .

Slide the two-piece assembly (#4,#6) over to the left .

Pull #6 out . . .

. . . and down

Slide #4 back to the right . . .

. . . only until notch is closed . . . don't go any further to the right .

Slide #3 up

Slide #2 over to the left one notch . . .

. . .(#4 and #2 should now be flush).

#5 can now be removed .

Remove #4

Remove #3

You just have pieces #1 and #2 left .

To assemble,   reverse the procedure you just painfully went through !