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CrissCross_9pcs CrissCross Cube

9 intricately laser cut wooden laminate pieces . . . designed by Derek Corbin. It measures 2" x 2" x 2".

You can view the solution  here

The Great Pagoda (51 pcs)
Although the outside features are similar to 'Papachuck' (54 pcs) from the Pentangle 'chuck' series of England, the assembly principle is quite different .   Other websites call it 'The Japanese Crystal' and 'The Death Star'
(51pc and 99pc versions).

Dovetail Burr
Designed by Frans de Vreugd (Netherlands) .   According to the description from  Puzzle World , "This puzzle is based on the Six-Board Burr by Junichi Yananose.   The dovetails reduce the number of possible moves dramatically.   The solution is a unique level six (six moves to remove the first piece)" .

The first 120 copies of the Doveltail burr from Frans de Vreugd were made by Bernhard Schweitzer -- a German puzzle collector/craftsman for more than ten years, with membership in the IPP (International Puzzle Party), a private, informal organization whose main objective is to promote and recognize innovative new designs of mechanical puzzles from around the world -- for his exchange puzzle ( made from Maple + Padauk wood) .

The model pictured above -- copied and fabricated from the original version by anonymous craftsmen -- was purchased from  Bits & Pieces online catalog .

Lucky Star
An interlock coordinate-motion puzzle ( all the pieces move equally at the same time ) designed by Philippe Dubois who uses it as his logo.

Designed by Jean-Claude Constantin .
Also known as Weaver's Dilemma elsewhere in Puzzleland !

This puzzle, and the Cannon, were made with expert metal craftsmanship .   I don't know who designed it, but it was made by SEQUENCE in TAI PAI, TAIWAN .

Designed by Doug Haigh .

Money Lock Bank
This is a very well-crafted puzzle !   A one-of-a-kind gem extraordinaire that comes along every once in a great while that doesn't seem to make much of a
' Here-I-am ! ' recognition .   However, those collectors who take special interest in these kinds of puzzles - as I do - can readily perceive the value of such a prized addition . . . and the genius behind it .

12 pieces

Yin and Yang

This Chinese symbol is "sometimes called Tai-Chi symbol. The Tai-Chi is from I-Ching. The I-Ching is the greatest foundation of Chinese philosophy. Itís development is from the natural phenomena of our universe."
Yin (Moon -- dark area) -- Yang (sun - light area) .   Check out this  webpage for a more detailed explanation .


Lucky Clover
An original design by Oskar van Deventer.

4 identical pieces

Oskar's Cubes



Designer Rocky Chiaro has turned a symbol of childhood fun into a truly remarkable metal brainteaser sculpture. This beautiful brass finished puzzle measures 2Ĺ" x 2Ĺ".

Keltic Cube Made of plated nickel and finished in attractive bronze, gold and black. Keltic Cube measures 3" x 3". Designed by Doug Engel. The puzzle contains six cleverly designed interlocking pieces. Unfortunately this hasn't much of a challenge in the puzzle department . . . more of a conversation piece.

CrissCross_9pcs Criss Cross Cube . . . . . from  Bits & Pieces

According to the fine folks at Bits & Pieces, " . . . 9 intricately laser cut wooden laminate pieces . . . A remarkable challenge designed by Derek Corbin. It measures 2" x 2" x 2". "

You can view the solution  here