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Cleverwood,   owned and operated by Mike & Judy Richard . . . . . is a fantastic source of the highest quality and best variety of genuine Japanese Puzzle boxes anywhere on the web,   with absolutely beautiful koyosegi patterns,   made by the actual craftsmen of Hakone, Japan .   They also have a huge inventory of all sorts of other puzzle boxes made by various high-profile puzzle craftsmen such as:   Cleverwood's own craftslady, Kathleen Malcolmson, who has since left the Cleverwood management, but is still making puzzle boxes for them - although to a much lesser frequency;   and Cleverwood's exceptional onboard artists :    Peter Chapman  -- Jonathan McCabe -- Kagen Schaefer -- Eric Kelsic,   and a new member,    Randal Gatewood  . . . . . whose very nicely adorned personal website,   by the way,   one can view at    Quagmire Puzzle Boxes  .   While there, one can peruse a wealth of expert information in regards to his woodworking techniques that ultimately result in his exceptional works of art .

. . . . . Also to mention the beautiful trick puzzle boxes by Heartwood Creations .

. . . . . There are 3D mechanical puzzles of several catagory types - including a generous variety of burrs - by such renown craftsmen and international manufacturers as:    Stewart Coffin  --  Pentangle of England  --  Bernhard Schweitzer of Germany  -- Patrick Farvarque of France -- Jason Pelletier of Canada -- Zora Brunette and Louis Toorenburg of New Zealand --  Vaclav Obsivac of the Czech Republic  ,   and many more . . . . . also to mention the kumiki Japanese wood burrs incorporating structural and figural shapes,   made out of Japanese Ho wood,   also known as Boku or Japanese Magnolia - “Magnolia Hypoleuca” . . . . . such as those you see below .

Basket Weave Burr

Kumiki Lantern (medium)

Kumiki Torii Gateway

Kumiki mini Sparkle Burr
Also known as Wooden Spikes on Bits & Pieces' online catalog; Alien DNA . . . made in China for Accoutrements; Trix Stix . . . from PuzzlesDownUnder's webpage and Tangle . . . by Pussy (manufacturer in Germany) . .

Kumiki Squashed Blossom Burr

mini Round Flower Burr