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Expanding Cube   . . . Stewart Coffin's creation . It was the first copy made .   By sheer gravity design, after initial connection, all the pieces close in towards the center .   One only needs to grasp the puzzle by two of its pieces to start all of them expanding until total disengagement is reached, thus making it a true coordinate-motion puzzle .

Expanding Cube . . . expanded slightly

Expanding Cube . . .
single piece
( 1 of 6 )

Expanding Cube   . . . made by Skor-Mor from their Geo-Logic line - whose inner structure is taken from Stewart Coffin's design in his hardwood version by the same name !

Expanding Cube . . . plastic . . . expanded slightly

Expanding Cube . . . plastic . . . single piece
( 1 of 6 )

Lucky Star  . . . from Bits & Pieces online catalog .
An interlock coordinate-motion puzzle ( all the pieces move equally at the same time ) designed by Philippe Dubois who uses it as his logo.

Lucky Star . . . expanded slightly

Lucky Star . . . expanded more

Lucky Star . . . pieces

Pandora's Box   . . . from  Pentangle of England .
A high-quality coordinate-motion puzzle .

Pandora's Box. . . partially opened

Boomerang Burr   . . . imploded
One of my creations !
Original burr is called  'Banana Burr' .   Interesting exercise in shape-changing 'explosion-type' coordinate motion,   utilizing 45° and 90° angles, with North American Eastern white pine, kiln-dried at about 8% humidity .
There were several areas on each of the pieces (not on any slide portion) I applied several coats of clear gloss polyurethane, just to enhance its aesthetics by way of contrast from other areas . . . such as the contrast between natural blonde-color to flame-torched areas .

. . . starting to expand . . .

. . . expanding more . . .

. . . fully expanded

Boomerang Burr . . . "UNVEILED"

Cerebral Rings . . . from  Mag-Nif Inc.


partial opening


HEXCROSS   . . . coordinate motion

According to the fine folks at  PuzzleMaster  , "Exquisite wood puzzles that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world. The workmanship on each puzzle is so fantastic that we can't even begin to describe it. Each piece is made with loving care as if the master craftsman was making them for royalty. There is a full range of puzzles from very small to extremely large puzzles" .

Vaclav 'Vinco' Obsívac is the extraordinary artist/craftsman behind this puzzle . . . and others like it, as seen on PuzzleMaster's website (logo at the top of every one of my pages).

And, according to the complimentary words as described by the folks at the  Age of Puzzles  ,
"Wooden puzzles which are thoroughly designed and crafted by Vaclav Obsívac are so perfect that they can be described as a Harmony in Wood. Just browse through all of his puzzle creations (more than 170 at the moment!) and you will hear that Harmony."