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                                                                   \/ click for larger pic \/
A total of 24 pcs                                                          16 short pcs

                6 long pcs                                              2 'special' pcs (with side notches)


It has been a long-standing fear, for me as well as a great many of you out there, that this kind of puzzle seems to emanate an aura of difficulty that holds us back from ever attempting to solve it, an aura that has probably been exaggerated because of its many parts, and its complicated-looking construction .

However, even though the outside geometry is similar-looking to some of its other counterparts out there in PuzzleLand -- ie, all the Woodchuck family, the Death Star, the Japanese Crystal, the Pagoda, etc -- the solution is slightly different, as well as all of the others mentioned .

It is unfortunate that the directions that came with this puzzle is slightly ambiguous, to say the least .   Therefore, for those of you who have this particular puzzle, I give you my simplified version .

The need for dexterity is at a minimum, as you will note in the photos as you move through the solution .   All the pictures were taken with the puzzle resting on a solid surface .   The slow, easy building of the structure will gain you confidence as each step is accomplished .

I believe that this solution can be easily followed through, even for those of you who are just puzzle novelists .   Once one has gained the confidence of this solution, one can go on to the more difficult (many more pieces) versions .

make this structure using 2 long pcs                         add 2 more long pcs through the center
and 6 regular short pcs                                                                                     

add a vertical long pc and 3 regular short pcs                    turned slightly for better viewing            
at the further end away from you                                                                                 

Add a second long vertical pc      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      and add 2 regular short pcs
   and rotate puzzle to the left 90                                         to the original 2 long pcs       

drop the vertical long pc closest to you                                      closeup view                      

same closeup view - turned 45 left                              add one of the 'special' key pcs    

Note: it doesn't matter which way the side notch is pointing

slide it all the way to the first vertical                                    bring up the second vertical    

         same view zoomed out                                           add 3 more regular short pcs to this end

         slide end into puzzle                                           puzzle is turned to see last unfinished end

turned another 45 to view last movements                              add the last 2 regular short pcs         

                       slide topmost long pc left                                   add the 2nd 'special' pc (last to put on puzzle)         

Slide top horizontal long pc to the right to finish