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~ This kind of puzzle is a step above your simple tangled nails ~

The side bars at the ends of each s-curve adds another degree of difficulty in trying to solve it .   However, as with almost all puzzles, once the trick is learned, the solution is very easy .

I have described the 'trick' with great detail .   As always, there is absolutely NO force required to get through the solution -- as you will see .

Swing right-hand piece towards s-curve end of left piece

Viewing from underneath, the 'trick' here is to push the bottom bar of the left-hand piece into the loop, while pushing the top bar of the right-hand piece up through the same loop -- in the same move

To allow the action of both bars to easily fit through the loop, you'll notice that the other end of the right-hand piece has been turned upwards a tad -- to allow the action of both bars to fit through the widest part of both loops


Viewing from the top, the remaining pictures show the pieces starting to separate