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Position the puzzle so that the solid 'key' piece will slide either left or right
Remove both side pieces (short 3-notch) . . . . . as indicated by the arrows

Slide long 2-notch piece either left or right as indicated by the arrows Long 2-notch piece starting to slide off

Take away both end pieces (short 3-notch) as indicated by the arrows
Curved arrows show puzzle having turned 45 counter-clockwise . . . . . straight arrows in front, as well as the rear,
indicate four pieces (short 3-notch) to be removed

All four pieces have been removed
Puzzle turned again 45 counter-clockwise
Take the entire middle structure, as depicted in the next picture below left -- with both hands -- and remove from BASE Combo

Middle structure : 8 pieces . . . . .(four short 3-notch) (two short 2-notch) (2 long 5-notch)

BASE Combo : progressive stages of disassembly

starting from top : (single short 2-notch)   (three long 4-notch)   (two short 3-notch)