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Hectix White
Although this picture belongs on my page  "30+ Years Ago" ,   I add it here to compliment the other two .   This is the first of 3 versions .

Hectix Red, White & Blue
This is the second version of the triad .

Hectix Clear
Third of 3 versions,    completing the
This one seems to be very rare !

( I've heard tell of a 4th version - Smokey Clear .   I'm still looking for that one . )

Mickey/Donald Ball
Donald Duck is on the other side .   Great for the Disney collector .

Rubik's Joined Rings
Other versions on the web are called
Hungarian Rings and Magic 8 .

 Psycho Cycle
There are only two pieces of brass wire : the handlebars and the rest of the tricycle -- which is one continuous length .   Designed & crafted by  A. J. Koveleski  in 1976 . The directions sheet bears his handwritten signature in pen (1984), and a "Best Wishes to ...." phrase to the persons I bought it from .

The next 3 puzzle boxes were originally made by  Heartwood Creations  ;  but, because of very slight imperfections, Heartwood Creations's meticulous quality criteria prevented them from selling these gorgeous puzzle boxes at their usual full price .   I purchased these excellent 'seconds' from E-Bay member  FRIK_n_FRAK  at a fraction of the cost (as bidding permitted) .   They are simply magnificent, as their pictures show .   They still make an absolutely, treasured addition to my collection .

The Rock-it Puzzle Box is the only one out of the three whose cover comes off completely .

Another source of these same boxes can be purchased at a very nice puzzle retail store in Northwood, NH called Piece Time Puzzles, managed by a husband/wife team with whom I've had the fortunate opportunity to have made friends .   They have all the types that Heartwood Creations make .

Rock-it Puzzle Box
Made out of Bird's-eye Maple, Bubinga and Maple .

Made out of Maple, Bubinga and Cherry .

Gravity Pin Puzzle Box
Made out of Burl Walnut and Maple, with leaf inlay .

ABC metal brainteaser
. . . from FRIK & FRAK .   They have a good variety of these metal puzzles, as well as wood & string puzzles .   Also, be sure to check out their Japanese Puzzle boxes .

mini Tut's Tomb
Mini version of Mag-Nif's original full-sized Tut's Tomb .

3 rings   Clockwise from bottom left :
4-band wide bar,   6-band Filigree,   and a 3-band wide bar smooth !
. . . from E-Bay member caravanimports of Canada .

16pc Easter Egg
. . . made by Peoria Plastics Division of Blever Industries, Inc.

Multicolored Plastic Ball

Alien DNA (made in China for Accoutrements) .
Same exact puzzle as Trix Stix . . . from PuzzlesDownUnder's webpage; Kumiki mini Sparkle Burr . . . from Cleverwood's website; Wooden Spikes on Bits & Pieces' online catalog; and Tangle . . . by Pussy (manufacturer in Germany) ;   Papillon and Flocon from a company called Janod from France . . . at 4" volumetric perimeter, these seem to be the granddaddies of the rest .   Another name on the web is Quirig by Robert Dalloz .


Something's Fishy
. . . a packing puzzle made in Hong Kong .

TopSpin (made by Binary Arts)

Kwazy Quilt (made by Kohner Bros)
Also known as Hi-Q's Euclid from Peter Pan Playthings manufactured under licence from Gabriel Toys Inc. U.S.A.

Boxed In (made by Milton Bradley)

Bilz Box  . . . bi-level clear polystyrene maze
A steel ball - once discreetly placed at a certain point within the maze . . . and an applied pressure on a certain point outside of the box - will aid in releasing the slide drawer at the end of the box that may have a dollar bill within it .

Harry Potter Magic Card Box
Made in China for The United States Playing Card Company .   The little tab on top is the handle to the magic drawer that holds a special photo deck of cards of all the characters in the Harry Potter films .   Very nicely made !   This is definitely the executive line of magic boxes ( make things disappear and reappear ) .

Harry Potter Mirror Vision   Nine corrugated double-sided picture tiles are reflected by a mirror to bring out a complete picture .   Many combinations, but only one solution per side .

The next 4 plastic keychain puzzles all have looks of aesthetic simplicity, and their small sizes belie tricky construction within their innerds .

Keychain Spaceship

Keychain Red Clear Heart


Keychain Black & White Ball

Giant Chiclets

Pieces separated

Bill's Baffling Burr . . . . . a high-level rating of 4.2
A very tough burr which takes four slides to remove the first piece ( the actual removal being the 5th move ) .   Another two slides to remove the second piece .   A detailed source of information about this puzzle can be seen at John Rausch's website Puzzle World, with a special section given to renowned interlocking Ap-Art Puzzles craftsman/designer Stewart Coffin and his section titled  The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections

. . . . . pieces

A very detailed version of the solution can be found  here

Enigma   . . . . . the Demon Swirls

It takes 20 frustrating moves to separate the 3 pieces .
Made of break-resistant polycarbonate plastic .   It has a Difficulty Factor of 9 on a scale of 1-10 with NO FORCE REQUIRED .

The original cast metal version of this puzzle was patented in 1975 in USA to inventor Eldon Vaughn, and when Nob Yoshigahara -- the most prolific inventor of puzzles ever! -- found it, he thought it could not be done .

One source for purchase can be viewed at  Puzzlemaster  ; or, if you're in the vicinity, one can make a personal visit to my favorite local puzzle store in Northwood, NH,  Piece Time Puzzles  .

Enigma pieces

Ring Thing
Made by Reiss Games .
Except for the fact that the rings are smooth and not geared, this is the giant version of PuzzlesDownunder's Locked Sprockets, with the same pin mechanism .

Screw Loose

Curious Cross . . . multi-colored
I originally acquired 3 units in one sale, each a solid color throughout :   amber, red and blue .   Instead of taking a pic with all three, I decided to mix the pieces and come out with the multicolored version .   I bought my first one (clear) 30+ years ago from Mag-Nif Inc .   Reiss Games' version is called Torment from 1974 .

Professor Brain's Corn Puzzle
A 14-piece partial ear of corn .   Made in Taiwan .
Solution can be found  here

Polar Bear
14 pieces of very heavy (dense) plastic .   Stamped onto the bottom is :   1986   PKR   CORP   ANIPUZZLE   MADE IN THE U.S.A.

. . . pieces . . .

L Board Burr . . . . . a high-level rating of 22.3
L Board Burr is a design from the world famous puzzle designer Frans de Vreugd of The Netherlands. This puzzle is composed of 6 pieces that feature an "L" shape.   22 shifting moves are required to release the first piece, another 3 shifts for the second piece, and yet another 3 shifts for the third piece.   This is an extremely tricky and very difficult burr .

L Board Burr pieces
19 copies of this puzzle were crafted by Steve Strickland of  Puzzlecraft , for the International Puzzle Design Competition in Chicago earlier this year.   These were made with Maple, Bubinga and Brown Ebony.   The plates are 3/8" thick and the assembled puzzle is 2.5" wide.   This puzzle is one of these first edition copies.

17 puzzles were sold privately to collectors and only 2 copies remain, this being one of them .   Another 14 copies were later made in Maple and Black Walnut that sold for $32 each.

Triple Decker
Anodized aluminum version of the 'Trinity' series I have on my 'My Creations' page .   This is sold on the  Bits & Pieces online catalog .

Giant Pyramid . . . by Gordon Bros.
According to Kadon Enterprises, Inc.'s website :  http://www.gamepuzzles.com/index.htm
    "The nine crystal-clear pieces of this monster fit just one way to make the order-5 tetrahedron on the contemporary-style terraced acrylic base.   Solving it has been known to take anywhere from an hour to a year, or more."
One can find the solution  here

Although this little novelty looks like an inexpensive toy puzzle for a child, it is very well made with a nice snug fit .

Color Cube . . . by Spittin' Image Software, Inc.

      According to their home page, "The  COLORCUBE: 3D Color Puzzle is a high-end, precision manufactured model - featuring machine-milled parts (specific to .001"), the clean finish of high-impact color-injected polystyrene plastic cubes and glass-reinforced nylon rods.   Once complete, the COLORCUBE is a 9" multi-function toy" .
      And, according to their  puzzle  page, "A super puzzle that is part construction toy, part teaching tool !   Build a color matrix in three dimensions and learn about the many relationships of color.   Over a billion possible combinations, but only one true harmonious solution, COLORCUBE is a puzzler's dream (or nightmare !)"

Imported from Universal Distributors of Oakville, Ontario - Canada .
This puzzle measures approximately 4" in diameter by 2" thick
(actually 3 15/16" by 1 15/16") .

. . . pieces

2 mini balls & mini barrel
The two balls are mini-versions of PuzzlesDownunder's Puzzle Bank Ball .
The barrel, although of keychain puzzle size, nonetheless has a high degree of precision in its fabrication proportional to the scale of solving difficulty .

Loony Loop
According to the instructions that came with it in its own box, this puzzle is a product of The Loony Loop Co. of Memphis, Tenn.   It was made in Japan, and disributed by The Products of the Behavioral Sciences, Inc. of Campbell, Ca

A similar copy of this through another source is called Ribic-Loop made by Ribic Loop out of Mayetta, Kansas; and also, The Jailer made by Spilsbury Puzzle Co., #3181 ; and Puzzletts Jailer

A wooden version of this puzzle, devised by Jack Botermans in 1983, is called "Gekkenwerk" (the Dutch word for lunacy).

I do not have a date to put with this one, but a similar puzzle (whose only difference of appearance lies in the section of the puzzle where all 4 loops are connected to the center wire, and the ends) called the Gordian Knot is made by  Pentangle  of England, in their Eureka Puzzles > Wood, Wire and Loops 3 section .

I've made my own version from stainless steel clothes-hanger wire, as can be seen on the  My Creations  page, and my  On The Wire  page .   On the Puzzle Index scale of 1 - 10, I would rate this an 8 - 9 .   When viewing the puzzle with the string on the center straight wire, one ponders as to whether this devilish little rascal can actually be done . . . . . each end of the straight wire is completely closed off !

'15' puzzle
This one is made of Stainless Steel !

This item is sold by  Bits & Pieces  .   Very tricky !
This puzzle was designed by Jean-Claude Constantin .

. . . pieces
All 5 pieces are identical .

Excellent craftsmanship !   Woods used are Plum & Maple .
Difficulty Level (level 5 - easiest; level 10 - hardest): this is a Level 9 puzzle .   6 pieces .   4 21/64" round at the extremeties .

According to the E-Bay description by the member
 Wired For Fun  from whom I bought this puzzle, "Our European Wooden Puzzles are made by master craftsman, Vaclav Obsivac.

Vaclav makes each puzzle as if he were making them for Royalty. The quality of each puzzle is outstanding and is almost impossible to understand until you actually touch and feel each puzzle. Only the best European hardwoods are used in the production of each puzzle.

Vaclav uses many different types of hardwood in the production of his puzzles. Familiar hardwoods such as cherry, maple, walnut, etc.. He also uses other hardwoods that are harder to find, such as hornbeam, plum, acacia etc.."

Vacalv has his own website  here  . . . . . right from the Czech Repbulic .

Core : 2 inner pieces

2 sets outer pieces

Drive Ya Nuts . . . by Milton Bradley

Drive Ya Nuts (red) . . . by Milton Bradley

Neuron Twister . . . a.k.a.   Arjeau's Babylone

Metal Chess King
. . . . . designed by Marcel Gillen

The object of this puzzle is to find a way to get inside the base to retrieve a special coin hidden in there .

Danzig's Dilemma . . . . . Two pieces of wood with a unique double-dovetail mystery .   This puzzle -- made by Lagoon Games of England -- was purchased from an Ebay member, also of England .  

. . . for a look on the wild side of how this works -- if you dare -- check it out  here . . .

Lagoon Games logo

Handy Mad Triad . . . . . from D.Y. Toy

The finger ends have a patented Roto - Tab design .   Twisting the turnable knobs on the ends of the fingers will turn the wheels .   To add to the level of difficulty, sequential numbers have been added to each of the wheels .   This puzzle is the palm-sized version of its bigger brother Mad Triad which has six wheels .

The orange Dool-'o'-rinth   . . . . . 'simple'

There are six colors of progressive difficulty levels :
easy yellow . . . . . simple orange . . . . . silly green . . . . . complex blue . . . . . crazy red . . . . . terrible black .

To quote a fellow collector friend of mine : "..... maybe they rate by # of dead-ends? Distinct passages? Total solutions (fewer = harder)? Length of solution passage, or number of turns or backtracks involved?"


shaft pin

sleeve   . . . . . the maze .

top of shaft
This part is stamped 'CorToys' .

bottom of shaft

keychain Rocketship
One of the rarest of keychain puzzles .   Its small size belies its excellent craftsmanship .

A whopping 2 7/8" in length !

. . . 15 pieces

As tiny as the pieces are, they are shaped and fitted with exact precision .

. . . in a vertical position .   There are two halves : the top half (7 pcs) and bottom half (8 pcs) .   The halves pivot 360° at the center point .

. . . small enough to fit in one's palm

. . . with quarter

A safe haven for an expensively rare little Titan .

red dice Soma Cube
Made with red transparent dice .

Notice all the major sides have the same numbers .   Clever .


The YOT . . . not a UFO !
This palm-sized mystery is made of high quality aircraft aluminum .

According to the folks at  yot.com  , "It relies on an advanced law of physics ...... Hint: The secret is in the Sphinx.   The solution requires logical thought, intuition and imagination.   It's fun to test your mettle on YOT's metal! "

. . . the inner disk

. . . medalion

When purchased, either this medalion or a US Eisenhower silver dollar comes with the puzzle .

. . . backside

Classic 'Chalmers-Detroit' Car
. . . from Reiss Games (a subsidiary of National Paragon Corporation) (1974) .

Classic 'Victoria' Train
. . . from Reiss Games (a subsidiary of National Paragon Corporation) (1974) .

Pagoda Temples

white dice Soma Cube

Cracker Jack

. . . . . pieces

Instant Insanity
Originally made by Parker Brothers back in 1967/1968, this current version was made in China for Winning Moves Games .

Another version using numbers can be seen on my  30+ Years Ago  page .

DURIAN . . . the MACE stellation   (a.k.a.   Super Star Cluster)
Originally called the " Tae Guk Gi. " . . . which means : ' Brotherhood of War ' in Korean.

This puzzle consists of 24 pieces that, when formed together, make the shape that you now see.   There is 1 key locking piece, and when it is removed, the puzzle basically falls apart.

Solution can be viewed  here .

This is an older version of the one that used to sell on Bits & Pieces online catalog .

Solution can be viewed  here .


According to Bits & Pieces online catalog description, "Imprisoned in a cage, this little brass ball is waiting for you to liberate it.   Can you set it free from its stand and sneak it through the jail bars?   The way out is through manipulation and persistence.   Made from brass and nickel.   Measures 2 3/4" high x 1 1/8" in diameter."

Click  here  to see solution

'Imagine' Burr . . . . . copy of the Coated Burr

This is a copy version (under the 'Imagine' series) of a very unusual burr (Coated Burr) by Jürg von Känel, the creator of The Burr Puzzle Site .

According to Karin & Jürg von Känel's  World of Wooden Puzzles  , "This puzzle was desinged by hand for the 18.th International Puzzle Party (IPP18) exchange in Tokyo. The puzzle carries two engravings, one is the IPP18 logo, and the other one the jvk logo, with the serial number.   I made 93 of them in Cherry and Walnut. #3.01 - #3.93.

The Coated Burr can physically be assembled in 4 ways.   But only one of those 4 ways will leave the IPP18 logo intact.   That is also the most complex solution (level 5) while the others are simpler.   Here is a step by step  solution for the one way which gets the IPP18 symbol assembled right: ."

The solution can be viewed  here


Rubik's Shells . . . a.k.a.   Intelligence Magic Wheel

Purchased from Johore, Malaysia.
You can email them at  tropicalestore@yahoo.com

Rubik Shells is a puzzle that consists of 4 intersecting rings, coloured wheels with 8 balls each, which can rotate. The wheels are in two pairs; two axes with a pair of wheels on each, and the two axes are separated and at right angles to each other so that any wheels from one axis has exactly one ball in common with any wheel from the other axis.

The object of the puzzle is to separate the coloured balls, each colour into its own wheel.

There are 28 balls, 7 of each colour. There are 4 intersections, so 4 balls will belong to two wheels simultaneously. Each wheel intersects two others, so in the solved state each wheel will have one intersection of its own colour, and the ball at the other intersection matches that of the other wheel.

An interesting feature of this puzzle is that each axis also has a button. By pressing a button, the two wheels on that axis permanently lock together.

There are therefore 3 grades of difficulty:

Basic (no buttons pressed)
Tough (one button pressed)
Challenge (both buttons pressed).

Note that once pressed, the buttons can never be released. Also, the puzzle is always solvable, even if the buttons are pressed when it is in a mixed state. Pressing a button takes some force, so there is no danger of doing so accidentally.

Esphera 3D plastic World Globe

This globe is built out of 60 plastic pieces that shape the globe.   It is approximately 1/32" short of   3" when assembled.   This puzzle is made by Warren . . . a Roseart company.   There are also   6" -- 9" -- and 12" versions.



Japanese Puzzle Box . . . . . 10 moves

panels opened

lid off

This high quality puzzle box is the real thing, handmade by the master craftsmen themselves.   These fine quality puzzle boxes are rarely sold outside of the mountainous village of Hakone, Japan.

According to the folks at  Cleverwood , "The “Himitsu-Bako (Personal Secret Box)” is a traditional Japanese puzzle box that was designed over 100 years ago in the Hakone region of Japan. The Hakone Mountains are noted for their great variety of trees. The Personal Secret Box takes advantage of this wide variety of natural wood colors and textures to produce their elaborate geometric patterns. The appeal of the Personal Secret Box is not merely in its entertainment qualities. It is valued as a Yosegi-Zaiku is a mosaic woodwork usually applied to small handicrafts such as trays, boxes and chests. This marquetry technique is originated in the late Edo Period, and in May of 1984, was designated a National Traditional Handicraft by the International Trade & Industry Minister.

For many years, the town of Hakone was a relay station on the main road to Edo (present day Tokyo) and Hakone-yosegi-zaiku was developed as souvenirs for travelers. The geometric design is made by binding together various shades of wood. Shaved off with a special plane, very thin sheets of wood are then used as an outside finish for various objects such as boxes. For a craft item to be designated a Traditional Craft Product under the Law for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries, it must satisfy the following criteria:
The article must be used mainly in everyday life.
The article must be primarily manufactured by hand.
The article must be manufactured using traditional techniques.
The materials should be mainly those that have been traditionally employed.
The industry must be of a regional nature.

Most Japanese Personal Secret Boxes (Puzzle Boxes) have a variety of difficulties ranging from 4 to 66 moves. From a puzzler’s point of view the 59-move box has the most interesting sequence of moves, even better than the 66. A few large puzzle boxes have exceptional numbers of moves, such as 78, 122, 119, or 125.   These are made by Yoshio Okiyama, who is more than 80 years old, and is a legend in Hakone Himitsu-bako.   He chooses his own wood, cures it, cuts it to size, and to make a long story short does everything himself except make the Yosegi that he applies to the boxes.   He is the grandson of one of the first puzzle box craftsman from Hakone.   He has retired and has made his last box.   Mr. Okiyama died in 2003."

The distinctive mark of craftstudio "IZUMIYA" is inside this box.   The "IZUMIYA MARK" certifies the best quality Himitsu-Bako among others.

PUZZLE BOX . . . . . with 2 drawers

This handmade puzzlebox comes from The Collectors' Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.   The quality is fair;   however, on the backside of this box - hidden from view - a couple of the ribs were not lined up straight when they were glued to the main core.

a single rib piece removed

Either this piece or the small drawer (as in the next pic) can be removed first.   Either of the two stops the large drawer from being removed.

1st drawer removed

2nd drawer being removed

inside the main core . . . . . as seen from the opening left from the large drawer

A more frontal view of the starting side of the box.

both drawers and the single rib piece

Tut's Trial  . . . . . start point

This is yet another version of The Tower Of Hanoi
(my version: The  Tower Of Creation )

spread out

3 invisible 'pegs'

Magic Towers . . . . . made by Archer Plastics.

An acrylic version of my  Tower of Creation

There is a wealth of information -- and a great run of Adobe Flash Player movies of Virtual Images
at the top of the page -- if you visit Voxal's website

According to the folks at TD Monthly and High-Bid-Express's eBay store :

"Voxal is a puzzle by the challenge of putting it together and taking it apart. Formed by three identical flat pieces, when assembled it forms a spacial, symmetric and decorative object!

After you know how to put a Voxal together, it is fun to collect and mix models (shapes) and colors.   Pretty and nice to hang and display and to challenge others!

Intended for ages 9 to 99, younger children will probably need help to put a Voxal together the first time.   An assembled Voxal measures 3 1/2" in each dimension, and is made of plastic.

By lifting a form from the two-dimensional plane to the three-dimensional space, Voxal allows us to experience a leap.   Voxal:   a dimensional portal from flat to space and beyond!"

Each Voxal model was exclusively available from the High-Bid-Express eBay store in the following colors:


a.k.a.   Shinsei Mystery

\/ \/ \/   M y     C u b e   \/ \/ \/     (plastic)

A magical cube invented by Naoki Yoshimoto in 1971.

According to the folks at the MoMA store :

"Yoshimoto discovered this cube when he was searching for a way to divide a cube equally in three-dimensional space.   The result is a peculiar polyhedral dyad consisting of eight interconnected cubes that can be opened in multiple ways.   The cube can be divided into two cubes and then transformed into two rhombuses, with twelve faces each.   With its seemingly endless transformations, this cube makes a great toy for children as well as an intriguing desktop puzzle.   Made of polypropylene. "

The original Cube (metal)
. . . . . not part of my collection -- presented here for info purposes only . . . . .
Another source states, "Invented by a Japanese artist /designer Naoki Yoshimoto in the 1970s, the Yoshimoto Cube featured in 1982 in the New York Museum of Modern Art collection.   Subsequently copied in Taiwan and sold in the 1980s as "SHINSEI MYSTERY" in bright colours rather than gold and silver of the original.

It opens up from a cube into 2 stars and then 2 hollow cubes;   also a rectangular box, intersecting cube and star etc.   Or, as the instructions put it - 'transformation of two stellated rhombic dodecahedrons from a cube.'   Now we know!   This is the original silver and gold Japanese design, not the cheaper Taiwanese version.   Handmade by the artist himself, Naoki Yoshimoto.   He does not make this design any more, and we have now sold out.   We believe that he may make a new version of the Yoshimoto Cube at some point."

Eight strategic places where hinges are placed

( . . . from the Binary Arts people )

Read about it  here , and see more pics .

Chinese Puzzle Rings . . . . . 9 rings

Star Of David . . . acrylic

This hardly constitutes as a puzzle because the assembly of the pieces is very straightforwardly simple. Nothing puzzling about it. I just thought it was a nice-looking item to add to my collection. Fairly well-made.
However, I made one out of pine called 'Framed Star', which is tricky to assemble.
You can see it at  My Creations  page.

Star Of David . . . flag side

As you can see from this picture, with the pieces all lined up so that the notches face in the same direction, the stars are in a different location between both sets of 3 pieces.

When assembling, one of the sets is used, then the other. They are not mixed.

Star Of David . . . logo side

Star Of David . . . partial assembly

KRAZEE Checkerboard Puzzle

. . . . . made by Plas--Tix Co. Inc. from Jamaica, N.Y.

The solution can be viewed  HERE

Gordian Knot/Loony Loop (disentanglement/topological puzzle) . . . from eBay

According to the seller (puzzler2) -- from Michigan, "You are bidding on a hardwood Looney Loop puzzler about 11 inches long by 3 inches wide, in fine condition and comes with its own display holder. Made by Btis & Pieces and in its original box, the puzzle comes with a solution."

cast DELTA . . . from Amazon seller : Santa Trading Japan

                                                                                             partial opening >>>

According to the fine folks at  PuzzleMaster  , "It is the brain-child of Hong Kong native Kyoo Wong who, with the eye of an engineer, has worked on a number of cast puzzles. While simple in form, its geometry somehow challenges and stirs up our creativity. The theme is the number three."

note: this is the point one wants to get at -- where the 3 points form a triangular space -- after which, even /\ though it being a tight fit, with a little jiggling and constant pull-apart pressure, the points slide past each other to separate the pieces.

. . . . . pieces

You can see the solution  here

Globe Burr Keychain . . . from eBay member ckymingstore

You can watch this  video  of a large wooden version for the solution.

Void 3x3x3 Twisty (white body) . . . from eBay member digital-mart8

Treble Clef puzzle box . . . from eBay member desertskygifts2013

Decorative and functional, this uniquely, delicately handmade box is in the shape of a treble clef (synonymously also known as G-Clef), and is made up of four pieces (two interlocking). The contrasting colors and patterns of three kinds of imported hardwoods contribute to the natural beauty of this beautifully, hand-finished puzzle box, possibly made by Vietnamese artisans.

As with all handcrafted puzzle boxes of this kind, there isn't hardly much in the way of it being a challenging puzzle -- more as a conversation piece / collector's item, as opposed to Japanese puzzle boxes which have multiple sliding panels that range from the simplest with two moves, to a super CUBI puzzle box of 324 moves.

cast Harmony . . . from eBay member desertskygifts2013

According to the fine folks at PuzzleMaster, "The “G clef” and “eighth note” intertwine and give off a beautiful note as if they’re playing music. The design, which does not resemble a puzzle at first glance, is beautiful to the eye as well as fun."

Theme: “Playing music”

Designed by Russian Dmitry Pevnitskiy and Kirill Grebnev

You can see the solution  here

CUBE (gold brushed-mirror) . . . from ebay member vickieandneo

Brushed Golden Metallic Sticker Mirror Block 3x3x3
Shifts shapes instead of colors

Rhomic Dohecahedron Twisty . . . from ebay member xyzmall-china

Pink Diamond . . . from ebay member xyzmall-china

Windmill Magic Cube . . . from ebay member vickieandneo

                                                                                     Different configurations >>>

Switzerland Cross Cube . . . from ebay member magiccube2012

The 'cross-shaped' pins slide out of the main cube structure, which itself remains intact (does NOT come apart). Two of the three 'cross-shaped' pins have different notch configurations.

Not very challenging.

Disappearing Square . . . from ebay member justpeachy56

This is the starting position. You'll notice that there is a space in the exact center. The OBJECT: is to shift the same pieces around so that the space is now closed up.
It can be done.

Give up? Did you give it a good try? OK.
Then you can sneak a peak at the solution  here

Puzzle Pod Cryptex . . . from ebay member: ssmallnov

The cryptex unlocking code can be set to any five letter word of your choice.
This cryptex also has a cap with a slot on the bottom that allow it to be used as a coin and >>> money bank

Great gift container.

Luban Lock Sphere Luban Lock Sphere pcs Luban Lock Sphere . . . from ebay member : shinykingdom 49987

Luban Lock Sphere pcs >>>

Master Tavor Bamboo Construction Puzzle Wood Brain Teaser Toy Master Tavor Bamboo Construction Puzzle Wood Brain Teaser Toy . . . from ebay seller : vickieandneo

14-BlockKongmingLockToy 14-BlockKongmingLockToy . . . from ebay seller : milancentral

Multi-Colored_plasticHollowBox Multi-Colored Plastic Hollow Box . . . from ebay seller : jetsoshop

Ball_IntelligenceMulti-coloredPlastic_wBell Multi-colored intelligence ball (with 2 bells in center) . . . from ebay seller : Dragonmarts Company Limited

Kong Ming Lock Puzzle 'KnotCross' Cryptex . . . from ebay seller: 180tothemarker

Made of die-cast zinc alloy, with a surface treatment of plated bronze to give it that 'aged' look.

Total outside length = 4.95"
Outside diameter around letter rings = 1.94"
Inside diameter of 'key' cylinder = 1.09"
Total length of inside 'key' cylinder = 2.660"
Total weight = 563g (1.213 lbs)

Void 3x3x3 Twisty (white body) . . . from eBay member digital-mart8

Kong Ming Lock Puzzle 'KnotCross' Knot Cross (Kong Ming Lock Puzzle)

You can view its solution  here

Kongming Luban Lock Ball

Zhuge Kongming is well-known to every household in China. He is known to everybody because his wisdom is far more than ordinary people. So Kongming Lock as traditional educational puzzle toys have been seen as the symbol of wisdom.

It is said that the toy was invented by Zhuge Kongming some 2,000 years ago based on the principles of the eight-diagram metaphysics. It was widely popular among the folks. The concave and convex parts inside the three-dimensional interpolation toy mesh perfectly. Kongming Locks come in different shapes and sizes, with different internal structures, but they are usually easy to take apart . . . and difficult to reassemble.

You can view the solution  here