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 Hall Of Spiral-Flex Chinese Puzzle Rings owners

Although you see me holding the puzzle in just my left hand in all of these pictures, you are free to manipulate the puzzle with your right hand.   The only reason I'm holding the puzzle with just my left hand is because I'm the only one taking the pictures here, and I had to use my right hand
  to click the camera.   

Throughout the directions, when moving the large ring, always keep the chain oriented precisely the same - without twisting .   Sometimes, during the meanderings of a complicated maneuver, one could easily lose sight of that fact .   In this kind of puzzle, the chain is your worst enemy .

~ ~ ~ click on all the following pics that have picture-frame borders ~ ~ ~

<<< This is your puzzle in full standing . . . . . (both top & bottom pics) . . . . . unfortunately the website hosting these pics do not allow anything larger than 800x600 on any single one .
The total of these two pics (in height) would be over 1600 .

Here is the starting position, holding the triangle with your left hand.

(You'll notice that the puzzle is now upside down, and will remain so for the duration of the solution)

Notice that I've picked the large oval up . . . and am starting to bring the large ring 'around' the side of it .

(This is crucial point #1) :
'around' the large oval first, not through it).
One would logically think that this would create a disturbing twist in the chain that would progressively worsen as the solution continues,and would instead want to just go directly straight through the large oval from the front .
~ WRONG ~ You MUST go 'around the side'
Don't be afraid to go with it . . .
you'll see how it finally turns out at the end .

Specifically notice the orientation of the chain of this maneuver in the closeup of the picture below \/.

After going 'around' the large oval . . .
push the large ring
~ through ~
the large oval . . .
(heading up towards the eyelets where I'm holding the puzzle) .

Upon reaching the main eyelets, go up and around them
(over the top) . . .
your movement at this point will take the top of the large ring behind the eyelets .

Start heading back downward, and again,
~ through ~
the large oval .

Here, you will start to continue all the way down towards the narrow end of the puzzle; but . . . before you do, you will have to slacken the chain considerably to allow that.

(Again, keep in mind your orientation of the chain as the large ring travels down the puzzle towards -- and around -- the narrow end .   Do NOT make any twists) .   You'll definitely have your hands full trying to manipulate all these loose pieces, and keep them in line as you progress .

Go around the narrow end and start heading towards the other eyelets that are threading the large oval .

You are now at the (large oval) eyelets . . . continue large ring up towards the 'main' eyelets at the top, pulling the large oval up with it .

Here, you are ready to start the top of the large ring over the eyelets . . .
~ and the large oval ~
at the same time .

Crucial point #2 : Make sure the large oval is 'touching' the main part of the puzzle (clearing both the chain and the small ring). . . (red arrow)

. . . this allows just enough clearance for the large ring to go over the eyelets .

You will now head the large ring back up
~ through ~
the large oval once more . . .

. . . and around the main eyelets once more . . .
the top moving 'away' from you

. . . . . almost there


    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !
Let Freedom Ring .