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Trix Stix (made by Net Block)
Same as Alien DNA from E-Bay, and Cleverwood's Kumiki mini Sparkle Burr .   Also called Tangle by Pussy (manufacturer in Germany) .

Kumiki mini Sparkle Burr


Locked Sprockets (made by Net Block)
This, and the Sphere, have identical pin-locking mechanisms .

(made by Net Block)
Same as Reiss Games' Equilibrium .   Also called Astro by Pussy (manufacturer in Germany) .


   The name of this sneaky little item comes from the fractious way the mechanism is constructed .   As seen in the next pic, the only thing that is holding the puzzle together are the tiny little tabs on the ends of the pieces .
    Once assembled, it will stay together with an extreme minimum of handling - affording a distinguished appearance as an intimidating little display .   Once the level of handling is raised just a fraction . . . SURPRIZE ! . . . it'll fall apart at a whisper .

. . . . . all 6 pieces
Designed and crafted by Richard Whiting of New Hampshire (USA) .


Knot   One of the best in the lot .   Similar to Cleverwood's kumiki Round Flower burr !

Fancy Square   This is Cleverwood's version of a kumiki Squashed Blossom .

Kumiki Squashed Blossom Burr

Basket Weave Burr

Round Flower

Kumiki Torii Gateway

Star of David

A shape-changing puzzle from Stewart Coffin .
Six interlocking, dissimilar pieces of Honduras Mahogany which assemble different ways to form various geometrical figures having an axis of symmetry .   The assembled puzzle has the shape of a symmetrical column with the Star of David as cross-sectional end faces .

Different assembly combinations yield the different shapes .
You can view the solution  here

Cube   . . . from Stewart Coffin .   Pentangle's version is called 'Wookey Hole' .
Made of Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Rosewood & Padauk .

Licorice Stix   . . . from Reiss Games (a subsidiary of National Paragon Corporation) (1974) .
A classic 6-pc  burr .

Mini plastic amber finned burr   . . . origin unknown .

XEON . . . The Molecule Puzzle   . . . injected-molded version of Stewart Coffin's wood original of the Altekreuse puzzle . . . made by Skor-Mor from their Geo-Logic line .   This one's a hot item . . . it's got heat fins on it .

Cetus   Molded-injected acrylic made by Skor-Mor from their Geo-Logic line .  

Aries   An injected-molded version of Stewart Coffin's 4 Corners . . . made by Skor-Mor from their Geo-Logic line .

Andromeda   . . . Molded-injected acrylic made by Skor-Mor from their Geo-Logic line .   Not quite a symmetrical shape . . . a couple of odd parts make it slightly amorphous !

Expanding Cube   . . . made by Skor-Mor from their Geo-Logic line - whose inner structure is taken from Stewart Coffin's design in his hardwood version by the same name !

Multiplicity   . . . from Reiss Games (1974) --   fMag-Nif Inc.'s Third Dimension II

  . . . from  Pentangle of England (second in the 'chuck' series of 5 ).
The 'chuck' series consists of : Babychuck (6pcs), Woodchuck (24 pcs), Papachuck (54pcs), Grandpapachuck (96 pcs), and GreatGrandpapachuck (150 pcs)
As Pentangle puts it, "The Chuck Series could be described as a family of puzzles which vary both in size and degrees of difficulty. Based on a design by Ron Cook they are the 'original' Pentangle puzzles"

The Great Pagoda (51 pcs)
Although the outside features are similar to 'Papachuck' (54 pcs) from the Pentangle 'chuck' series of England, the assembly principle is quite different .   Other websites call it 'The Japanese Crystal' .

Lunatic   . . . from  Pentangle of England ( "A second cousin to the woodchuck 'series' and one step up from the Squirrel Cage" ) . . . . . 38 pieces

Squirrel's Cage   Unknown origin .   . . . mini simulated-wood plastic version of  Pentangle's hardwood original .

Mini plastic Squirrel's Cage   . . . origin unknown .
Very high quality .

3 mini burrs   . . . origin unknown .

Mirrored Burr (version 1)

Mirrored Burr (version 2 - with bolts)
    Since I haven't been able to find a satisfactory adhesive for chemically bonding the two differently colored pieces to each other, I have settled for a mechanical bonding, using tiny bolts - one of the colored pieces having been tapped to substitute as a nut fastener .

6pc hollow-center pine burr
Same as the acrylic mirrored burrs above,   and the 'soft' yellow plastic version below .

6pc hollow burr   Unknown origin .   This is the original I fashioned the mirrored and pine ones after .

Trinity 1   First of a series of five .
The original design - by Lynn Yarbrough - is sold through
 Bits & Pieces as Triple Decker in anodized aluminum .

Trinity 2   Second made

Trinity 3   Third made - First 'cross' version .

Trinity Cross   Fourth made - Second 'cross' version which was given to the designer as a gift .

Trinity Cross   Fifth made - Third 'cross' version .

Knobbly Burr
Original design by Dic Sonneveld .

Knobby Burr pieces
There are two sets of identical triplets .   One set, the mirror image of the other .   For those of you who feel like making one, go to this website:
 Knobbly Burr

Multi Cross   This is someone's version of Pentangle's wooden Squirrel's Cage .

Clarissa Burr
    Original design by Ronald Kint-Bruynseels .  This is probably a level 7 on the Puzzle Difficulty Index from 1 to 10, in relation to others like it .   It takes 11 moves just to remove the first piece .
    This unique gem is an awesome 6" cube !   An enormous handfull, to say the least .
    If you feel like creating one, you can go here for further info :  Clarissa Burr

According to a statement regarding the solution on Ishino Keiichiro's page displaying the puzzle, "There are 170 solutions include apparent. 1 solution is constructable . 11 moves to remove the first piece . "

Kumiki Lantern (medium)

Cross   This is someone's version of Mag-Nif's Curious Cross . . . Reiss Games' Torment.

Pagoda   Small version of the Japanese Crystal as found on the Web, or Bits & Pieces' The Great Pagoda, or Pentangle's Woodchuck .

Mini burr   Unknown origin .   . . . from Stewart Coffin's   3 Pairs   puzzle .
Not only because this is a very small puzzle, but also because of the slippery plastic edges of the 'pairs' of each of the three sticks, this little simple-looking burr affords an extremely high level of frustrating dexterity in controlling the puzzle during assembly .   In fact, I have to cheat by tacking pieces of masking tape to certain areas .

3pc Block   . . . from Stewart Coffin .
I have designed several styles from this original . . .  here

Mini triangle burr   . . . origin unknown .

3pc Stepped Pyramid   This first in the series was made over 30+ years ago, and recently sold on E-Bay .

3pc Stepped Pyramid - Deep Slotted .
    Not only for aesthetic effects, the deep slots add a next-level touch of confusion for the puzzler .   The individual cubes that make up the 3 compound pieces are approximately 3/4" .

The Sacred Four

3pc Stepped Pyramid - V-notched .
    The V notches add a gentle aesthetic effect with a minimum of added confusion to the puzzler .   The 1" blocks were bought at a local crafts store - the kind of wood was not indicated on the package, but it is a domestic hardwood of some sort .

3pc Stepped Pyramid - Shallow Slotted .   Again for aesthetics and confusion .

3pc Stepped Pyramid - with holes .
Again for aesthetics and confusion .

Also made by 3M Co. out of injection-molded acrylic ( a variation of the Altekruse puzzle with pins and holes and center notches ) . . . . and also a version of Stewart Coffin's hardwood    version
(1st page in)   .
( The Altekruse puzzle was patented by W. Altekruse in 1890 )

   Hectix White
Although this picture belongs on my page  "30+ Years Ago" ,   I add it here to compliment the other two .   This is the first of 3 versions .

Hectix Red, White & Blue
This is the second version of the traid .

Hectix Clear
Third of 3 versions,    completing the
        TRIAD .
This one seems to be very rare !

Notched Shere    The added notches make for a very impressive little puzzle .

a globe pin-burr from Reiss Games (1974) .

Designed by Jean-Claude Constantin .
Also known as Weaver's Dilemma elsewhere in Puzzleland !

Ring Thing
Made by Reiss Games .
Except for the fact that the rings are smooth and not geared, this is the giant version of PuzzlesDownunder's Locked Sprockets, with the same pin mechanism .

Astrologic   . . . from  Mag-Nif Inc.
Reiss Games' The Star .
Also known as Mystic Star by Tresco Plastics Ltd. of England from the 60s .

Solution can be seen  here

Dovetail Burr
Designed by Frans de Vreugd (Netherlands) .   According to the description from  Puzzle World , "This puzzle is based on the Six-Board Burr by Junichi Yananose.   The dovetails reduce the number of possible moves dramatically.   The solution is a unique level six (six moves to remove the first piece)" .

The first 120 copies of the Doveltail burr from Frans de Vreugd were made by Bernhard Schweitzer -- a German puzzle collector/craftsman for more than ten years, with membership in the IPP (International Puzzle Party), a private, informal organization whose main objective is to promote and recognize innovative new designs of mechanical puzzles from around the world -- for his exchange puzzle ( made from Maple + Padauk wood) .

The model pictured above -- copied and fabricated from the original version by anonymous craftsmen -- was purchased from  Bits & Pieces online catalog .

PinHole   . . . from Stewart Coffin .
So called because the locking mechanism are wooden dowels that set into their complimentary holes .

 Sonneveld 3pc 2x2x2 cube . . . . . stained only (with MINWAX Colonial Maple)

. . . . . partially open, and given 4 coats of high-gloss acrylic polyurethane

Notice that, unlike a great many burr puzzles whose pieces slide laterally for disassembly, these pieces twist in unison (like a cordinate-motion puzzle) .

However, in practical terms, each piece has to be moved a 'baby step' at a time until final separation occurs .

. . . . . all 3 pieces are identical .

Sheffield Steel 6BB
This is the first in a series of what I like to call 'tortuous burrs' .   This humungous 6-pc specimen measures 7" (if it were in cube form) and weighs about 2 pounds .   It is made of North American white pine -- at 8% kiln-dried humidity -- and given a two-toned application of MINWAX stain (combination of Red Oak and Natural), and then several coats of acrylic polyurethane on certain areas that will not be affected during the move shifts .

The man responsible for this wonderfully devilish design is Ronald Kint-Bruynseels, and one can view more of his -- and others' -- amazing high-level burrs  here on Ishino Keiichiro's website .

According to a statement regarding the solution on Ishino Keiichiro's page displaying the puzzle, "There are 144 solutions include apparent. 1 solution is constructable . 17 moves to remove the first piece . 14 moves next ." . "

To not become unbearingly overwhelmed with the enormity of the number of shifts involved, I enlisted the aid of one awesome program called Puzzlesolver 3D created by André van Kammen at "http://www.puzzle.cx/" (now defunct) .

According to André, "Puzzlesolver 3D is a program for solving 3D interlocking puzzles.   It makes it possible to show the found solutions as an animation which can be viewed from every angle.   It supports assembling and disassembling for puzzles which are built up using cubic blocks.   For example, it solves most 6 piece burrs by the click of a button.   It has an easy to use 3D interface for drawing the puzzle. "

You can view my very detailed version of the solution (by PuzzleSolver3D)  here

Triplets . . . . . made with  LiveCube units

3 identical pieces

Little Paperclips . . . . . from Tom Lensch's version of Oskar van Deventer's original design, which can be seen at  Puzzle World
This is a level 3 burr : it takes 3 sliding shifts to release the first piece .

Stain was added to give it an aesthetic
'depth & breadth' ; the notches help to balance the overall geometric aethetics, and to create added confusion to an already partially non-symetrical geometry .

The stain is a 2-part combo of MINWAX red oak and natural, enhancing the 2 major soft grains of the wood .
MINWAX wood wax was applied to all shifting surfaces to help reduce friction to an already snug fit .

As with all my puzzles -- having taken influence from, and giving credit to, the great craftsmen of our time -- I try to cross-grain all pieces to minimize expansion & contraction .

Squarrel   . . . . . a Squirrel's Dilemma
Another 'tortuous burr' modeled after Ronald Kint-Bruynseels' original, which can be seen  here .   According to Ishino Keiichiro's website, "There are 12 solutions include apparent. 1 solution is constructable. 10 moves to remove the first piece. "

You are looking at the first 3 shifts out of 10

You can view my very detailed version of the solution (by PuzzleSolver3D)  here

No Nukes!   . . . . . the Titan Beast
This impressively, intimidating design, the forerunner to the Sheffield Steel 6BB above, is credited to Ronald Kint-Bruynseels, and demands a high degree of respect and awe, even from the most serious of puzzlers .   The 'core' pieces are slightly similar to the Sheffield Steel 6BB .   To assemble just the 'core' required only eight moves .   Once the extensions were added, the number of shifts increased dramatically .

This is by far the most frustrating puzzle I have made, and have put together -- even with the 44 move solution, which was created -- as well as those high-level burrs above -- by PuzzleSolver3D .

The extensions are 10 1/4" by 1 7/16", acquired from 3/4" North American white pine finished 1x4 stock .

Weighing in at 2.02 pounds, it is extremely snug .   After inserting the sixth piece, from then on to the finish, it was very difficult shifting the pieces, no matter which ones they were .   Hard to get one's fingers in between the extensions to grab hold of the piece's core structure, and use both hands -- applying equal pressure -- to make the shifts .

Not only have I given the extensions a two-tone stain effect with four coats of acrylic polyurethane, but I have also created line cuts for added distinction aesthetics .

. . . . . size comparison

This gives you a great perspective as to the mammoth scale of this gargantuan . . . a size akin to some of Vaclav Obsivac's puzzles from the Czech Republic .

You can view the pieces on Ishino Keiichiro's  page .

There is a solution there, but with all due respect, a lot of the pictures are hard to follow: sometimes not knowing how many units of shifting travel (and with how many pieces involved in that move) there are .

However, I have meticulously created a solution page myself, with the aid of PuzzleSolver 3D .   You can easily follow each step, as the pieces are all differently colored and numbered, and most of the steps (all enclosed within a frame) have two illustrations: the left one representing the puzzle having been turned in orientation from the last step previous, the right one showing the move .

You can view that page  here

Bill's Baffling Burr . . . . . a high-level rating of 4.2
A very tough  burr which takes four slides to remove the first piece ( the actual removal being the 5th move ) .   Another two slides to remove the second piece .   A detailed source of information about this puzzle can be seen at John Rausch's website Puzzle World, with a special section given to renowned interlocking Ap-Art Puzzles craftsman/designer Stewart Coffin and his section titled  The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections

. . . . . pieces
A very detailed version of the solution can be found  here

L Board Burr . . . . . a high-level rating of 22.3
L Board Burr is a design from the world famous puzzle designer Frans de Vreugd of The Netherlands. This puzzle is composed of 6 pieces that feature an "L" shape.   22 shifting moves are required to release the first piece, another 3 shifts for the second piece, and yet another 3 shifts for the third piece.   This is an extremely tricky and very difficult burr .

L Board Burr pieces
19 copies of this puzzle were crafted by Steve Strickland of  Puzzlecraft , for the International Puzzle Design Competition in Chicago earlier this year.   These were made with Maple, Bubinga and Brown Ebony.   The plates are 3/8" thick and the assembled puzzle is 2.5" wide.   This puzzle is one of these first edition copies.

Tubular Burr Box   . . . 9 laser-cut wood pcs
(from ebay member : luckbuy2014)

                                                                                     pieces >>>

A design by Ronald Kint-Bruynseels (1988) .
In the picture of the pieces, the letter   'A'   piece starts the re-assembly; and continues on from there alphabetically .

You can view the solution  here

Globe Burr Keychain . . . from eBay member ckymingstore

You can watch this  video  of a large wooden version for the solution.

P Y R A M Y S T E R Y . . . LiveCube style
The 'Assembly' the pieces the solution the comparison
This whopping titan is made from 160 (1.5 cm) cubelets and spans 6" between any two pyramid points.

It weighs 332.9 grams (.73 lb)

I used the same four colors (my blue is darker than BurrTools' blue) as displayed by the BurrTools animated program solution (far right).

You can download the solution file to save in your system (provided you have the BurrTools program)

Zig Zag Knot . . . from  ThinkFun

You can view the solution  here

Steady State Cube                                                                                                 'steady state'
This is my version of Rich Gain's very clever and famous Microcubology cube "  Steady State Cube   - from his store at  Shapeways   - made out of  LiveCube's  cubelets .

The outside geometry looks similar to LiveCube's  3D Cross Puzzle  , except instead of having 4 cublets on each of the six sides, the "Steady State Cube" has 16 cubelets on each of the six sides! . . . and . . . the 4 center cubelets protrude out from the main 'plate' of each side.

This cube is a whopping approximation of 4 13/16", as viewed in my hand. There are 182 cubelets (with 2 internal voids for movement), all of which weigh 13.32 ounces! (378 grams)

The cube in the pic to the far right is in a final relatively stable state (a 'Steady State') -- after the 6th/top piece was added during assembly (actually, it's the 5th/front piece that affords the stability -- the 6th piece locks it all in place). The next/final step is to push in all six sides (in sequence).

note: the 5th/front yellow piece during the 'stabilization' process is now the 1st piece to start the final 'push-in' sequence of the solution, as noted in the listing below (front/yellow, top/red, left/green, bottom/red, back/yellow, right/green).

the 'twist' movement                                                                                                 'unstable state'
<<< The 6th piece to assemble, making a twisting motion into the structure.

Top & front views showing front/yellow piece at the Point Of Disengagement >>>

       > > > > > > Far right: 'unstable state'
without the front/yellow piece.

Each pair of sides has a single color:

yellow = front & back = steps 1 & 5
green = left & right = steps 3 & 6
red = top & bottom = steps 2 & 4

You can view the solution of the original Rich Gain's Shapeways' Steady State microcube on  You Tube  .

Bullet Burr

Made and sold by the good folks at  Kel-Tec  
(Kel-Tec 15-Year anniversary Bullet Puzzle)

"Kel-Tec CNC Industries Inc was founded 1991 in Cocoa Florida. Initially, a CNC machine shop, Kel-Tec started to manufacture firearms in 1995. They are firmly committed to the development and production of novel, high performance firearms, specializing in handguns for concealed carry by law enforcement personnel or licensed citizens."

According to the folks at Kel-Tec, this exceptionally, crafted novelty puzzle is "Machined from solid brass and engraved with the Kel-Tec Logo. Includes 6 pieces and instructions for assembly. The solid brass bullets are the size of the 5.56mm NATO round, but should not be used in a firearm.

NOTE: This is unfinished brass and it will tarnish with age. "

. . . . . pieces

The six pieces are notched the same as the common  star burr (ie., Astrologic -- by Mag-Nif)  .

clear Lucite ball . . . from ebay member katesimplesale

Rare 1970s vintage clear Lucite puzzle ball . . . Dorothy Thorpe Era . . . measuring 2¾" in girth .

Another version of this is done in brass, by Rocky Chiaro.

Most simple 6-pc burr 'star' puzzles -- which have similar solutions with this ball puzzle -- have all 6 pieces identical, with 2 notches, which make this one a tad simpler to do.