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  1. Connect pieces in groups of three
as shown in Fig 1

  2. Interlock four corners as illustrated
(A-B type connections) .

  3. Insert four pieces as shown at C in Fig 2 .

  4. Insert D so that foot of piece hooks under one C piece and slide to one side as in Fig 2

17 pieces used so far

5. Construct a mirror / anti-clockwise image of the above .

6. * Hold one assembly upside down above the other and with the D pieces 'pointing' in opposite directions .
    * The end of each D piece should now, with care, be pushed into the center of the opposite assembly .
    * Adjust the two halves until they are aligned with the D pieces back-to-back, and central .

7. Move out the four center pairs of pieces as shown at E in Fig 3

8. Insert key (F) as shown in Fig 3 and push in surrounding pair .

9. Insert piece G, push in surrounding pair and repeat twice around the central 'band' .

10. Move key upwards and rotate to lock and complete .