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Kwazy Quilt (made by Kohner Bros)
Also known as Hi Q Euclid from Peter Pan Playthings manufactured under licence from Gabriel Toys Inc. U.S.A.

Gabriel's Square
Same as Hi Q's Pythagoras , which is made by Tryne Games Mfg.; Lindenhurst, L.I.; 1961 , and also by TOLTOYS 1976.

Something's Fishy
. . . a packing puzzle made in Hong Kong .

4 Ts   . . . from Binary Arts .
There are two sides to this puzzle .   The other being slightly smaller in square area .
The T puzzle was used to advertise White Rose Ceylon tea in 1903 .

Boxed In (made by Milton Bradley)

IQ Circle   A plastic tangram with its own case .

Double Square   from Aha Brainteaser Classics, the Thinkfun people at Binary Arts .
This puzzle is a two-parter .   First, this one using 4 pieces (3" square) .   The next picture shows the same puzzle using a fifth piece (a miniature square) making the second large square  ( 3 1/4" square ) .   One source for this puzzle can be viewed at  education.puzzles.com

Double Square
The fifth piece (a small square) has been added .

This item is sold by  Bits & Pieces
Very tricky !

. . . pieces
All 5 pieces are identical .