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Scrambled Egg . . . from  Mag-Nif Inc.

Family Jewel   . . . from Mag-Nif Inc.

Four Square


Reiss Games' The Star .
Also known as Mystic Star by Tresco Plastics Ltd. of England from the 60s .

Disco Puzzle   . . . Mag-Nif Inc .
Exceptional quality and snug fit .

. . . pieces

Curious Cross

Jigsaw Jewel   from Aha Brainteaser Classics, the Thinkfun people at Binary Arts .
Very well made .

. . . pieces

Jigsaw Ball   from Aha Brainteaser Classics, the Thinkfun people at Binary Arts .

. . . pieces

Hectix Clear

Third of 3 versions,    completing the
This one seems to be very rare !

Bilz Box . . . bi-level clear polystyrene maze

A steel ball - once discreetly placed at a certain point within the maze . . . and an applied pressure on a certain point outside of the box - will aid in releasing the slide drawer at the end of the box that may have a dollar bill within it .

Ring Thing

Made by Reiss Games .
Except for the fact that the rings are smooth and not geared, this is the giant version of PuzzlesDownunder's Locked Sprockets, with the same pin mechanism .

Giant Pyramid . . . by Gordon Bros.

According to Kadon Enterprises, Inc.'s website :  http://www.gamepuzzles.com/index.htm
    "The nine crystal-clear pieces of this monster fit just one way to make the order-5 tetrahedron on the contemporary-style terraced acrylic base.   Solving it has been known to take anywhere from an hour to a year, or more."
One can find the solution  here

Curious Cross . . . multi-colored

I originally acquired 3 units in one sale, each a solid color throughout :   amber, red and blue .   Instead of taking a pic with all three, I decided to mix the pieces and come out with the multicolored version .   I bought my first one (clear) 30+ years ago from Mag-Nif Inc .   Reiss Games' version is called Torment from 1974 .

keychain Rocketship

One of the rarest of keychain puzzles .   Its small size belies its excellent craftsmanship .

A whopping 2 7/8" in length !

. . . 15 pieces

As tiny as the pieces are, they are shaped and fitted with exact precision .

Enigma   . . . . . the Demon Swirls
It takes 20 frustrating moves to separate the 3 pieces .
Made of break-resistant polycarbonate plastic .   It has a Difficulty Factor of 9 on a scale of 1-10 with NO FORCE REQUIRED .

The original cast metal version of this puzzle was patented in 1975 in USA to inventor Eldon Vaughn, and when Nob Yoshigahara -- the most prolific inventor of puzzles ever! -- found it, he thought it could not be done .

One source for purchase can be viewed at  Puzzlemaster Incorporated  ;  or . . . if you're in the vicinity, one can make a personal visit to my favorite local puzzle store in Northwood, NH,  Piece Time Puzzles  .

One can find the solution  here

Enigma pieces

dice Soma Cube

Made with red transparent dice .

Notice all the major sides have the same numbers .   Clever .


Rubik's Shells . . . a.k.a.   Intelligence Magic Wheel

Purchased from Johore, Malaysia.
Their store can be accessed at their eBay store  tropicalestore
Or you can email them at  tropicalestore@yahoo.com

Rubik Shells is a puzzle that consists of 4 intersecting rings, coloured wheels with 8 balls each, which can rotate. The wheels are in two pairs; two axes with a pair of wheels on each, and the two axes are separated and at right angles to each other so that any wheels from one axis has exactly one ball in common with any wheel from the other axis.

The object of the puzzle is to separate the coloured balls, each colour into its own wheel.

There are 28 balls, 7 of each colour. There are 4 intersections, so 4 balls will belong to two wheels simultaneously. Each wheel intersects two others, so in the solved state each wheel will have one intersection of its own colour, and the ball at the other intersection matches that of the other wheel.

An interesting feature of this puzzle is that each axis also has a button. By pressing a button, the two wheels on that axis permanently lock together.

There are therefore 3 grades of difficulty:

Basic (no buttons pressed)
Tough (one button pressed)
Challenge (both buttons pressed).

Note that once pressed, the buttons can never be released. Also, the puzzle is always solvable, even if the buttons are pressed when it is in a mixed state. Pressing a button takes some force, so there is no danger of doing so accidentally.

Mini triangle burr   . . . origin unknown .

Mini burr   Unknown origin .   . . . from Stewart Coffin's   3 Pairs   puzzle .
Not only because this is a very small puzzle, but also because of the slippery plastic edges of the 'pairs' of each of the three sticks, this little simple-looking burr affords an extremely high level of frustrating dexterity in controlling the puzzle during assembly .   In fact, I have to cheat by tacking pieces of masking tape to certain areas .

Rubik's Ice Cube

Bought at Toys-R-Us .

6 Tabbed Planks

Bought from  Pavel's Puzzles .


Comments in regards to this puzzle can be read  here

You can view the solution  here

Trick Treasure Box . . . from  Piece Time Puzzles .

One has to try to find out how to open the 'trick' drawer .

Star Czech . . . . . 12-pc Lucite 'stars'
Yet another great work of art from my good friend Pavel Curtis.

An excerpt from  Pavel's Puzzle Blog states : "I decided that the pieces would rotate into position, using some kind of interlocking, hook-shaped protrusions on the edges of each face; that would still entail fairly wide (deep?) hooks, due to the shallow angle, but avoid any piece deformation during assembly."

You can view the solution  here


Small version of the Japanese Crystal as found on the Web, or Bits & Pieces' The Great Pagoda, or Pentangle's Woodchuck .

Four Cubes

Mag-Nif Corp. has the same puzzle, but with more quality .

Multi Cross

This is someone's version of Pentangle's wooden Squirrel's Cage .


This is someone's version of Mag-Nif's Curious Cross . . . Reiss Games' Torment.


It has 14 pieces and the base .   Because it does have a base, this puzzle is only considered as partially interlocking, using the base to keep it together .

Knot   One of the best in the lot .

Similar to Cleverwood's kumiki Round Flower burr !

Fancy Square

This is Cleverwood's version of a kumiki Squashed Blossom .


Although this is a non-interlocking puzzle, I have added it to my list because it's a very nice 3D pentomino version .


The Molecule Puzzle   . . . injected-molded version of Stewart Coffin's wood original of the Altekreuse puzzle .   This one's a hot item . . . it's got heat fins on it . (not part of the Geo-Logic line, but still made by Skor-Mor).



Not quite a symmetrical shape . . . a couple of odd parts make it slightly amorphous ! (a hybrid from mixing parts of the regular names in the series).


An injected-molded version of Stewart Coffin's 4 Corners

Expanding Cube

inner structure is taken from Stewart Coffin's design in his hardwood version by the same name ! (not part of the Geo-Logic line, but still made by Skor-Mor).


Mag-Nif Inc.'s Third Dimension II

Mini plastic amber finned burr

. . . origin unknown .

Frabjous (Special Edition Frabjous -- (Special Edition) ($59.00 + shipping)

First of all, I would like to thank my fellow collector friend  Rob Stegmann  for having displayed this wonderful puzzle/sculpture on his website, which I surf from time to time. This is how I found out about it, and instantly fell in awe of its sparkling beauty -- and accesability of purchase.

George W. Hart is Chief of Content at the newly formed Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) in New York City. He comes to this position with an interdisciplinary background as sculptor, scholar, mathematician, engineer, writer, computer scientist, and educator. His geometric sculptures are recognized around the world for their mathematical depth and creative use of materials. He is a pioneer in using computer technology and solid freeform fabrication in the design and fabrication of sculptures.

One of his magnificent sculpture/puzzles is being offered at a reasonable price for the general public.
Its name: Frabjous

The 'Special Edition' version is made of ACRYLITEŽ Radiant acrylic sheeting -- lazer cut to the spiraling pieces that make up the sculpture/puzzle -- which has the ability to create dazzling color changes and dramatic eye-catching movement, all without specialty lighting! ACRYLITE Radiant sheet magically shimmers with iridescent colors that change as the viewer moves.

Another less-expensive version being sold is one where all the 31 pieces are in blue (sculpture/puzzle consists of 30 identical pieces -- one extra is provided) .

There are three sources one can purchase this magnificent sculpture/puzzle:
 Artifacture  in Dallas, and at the  MoMath online shop  , and Artifact's  Etsy shop

According to the fine folks at Artifacture:
Product Details :
The special edition Frabjous is a sculpture and geometric assembly puzzle made from dichroic acrylic. The swirling geometric form is composed of thirty identical pieces that catch and reflect the light in stunning fashion.

Mathematically, the planes of the shape are the face planes of a "great rhombic triacontahedron," a self-intersecting polyhedron with thirty rhombic faces. But the puzzle piece is a carefully designed subset of the rhombus that doesn't intersect copies of itself.

Weaving the parts through each other so each remains planar is trickier than it looks. Instructions are included. Recommended for ages 16+.

The word Frabjous is, of course, from Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll, "O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"

-George Hart, Artist
Museum of Mathematics (MoMath)

Manufactured by: Artifacture
30 identical pieces combine to form a beautiful sculpture
Finished size 6" x 6" x 6"
Designed by Mathematician George Hart
Made from laser cut, dichroic acrylic
Made in the USA

Comments: The product comes with a pair of cotton gloves . . . to keep any fingerprints from soiling any section of the sculpture/puzzle during assembly, thus interfering with the displaying of the beautiful iridescent colors that are produced.

Also, you are supplied with one extra piece (for a total of 31) -- in case you get a little more irritable than usual in the assembly, and apply a little bit too much pressure at some point, whereby you crack a piece.

Thank You to the folks at Artifacture. Nice touch.

Instructions are supplied with the kit. However, the instructions only go so far. The instructions were a help as far as the vortex pieces overlapping each one in succession in a clockwise rotation, for the first 10 pieces (module #1).

Besides showing the entire solution, a  video  on YouTube helps in viewing the 'verticle' pieces and their placements (in between module #1 and module #2).

The 3rd phase (module #2) was a little tricky. Here's where I slowed up considerably trying to establish a perspective as to how I was to proceed. At some point, it hit me . . . . . looking at all the spirals.