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Rubik's Rainbow
Special prismatic paper ( a metallised paper/film that displays a three-dimentional effect when exposed to light ) is used for the color squares on each cube face .   The top viewed here is the actual effect ;   the sides look different only because of the angle of the camera shot and lighting .

The next four Tavern puzzles are from  Tucker-Jones House , Inc. out of East Setauket, NY . . . given to me as a gift set for Christmas .   All are very difficult !

Self Restraint
This one is the same as your Horseshoe puzzle .

Wise Guy
Almost the same as the Self Restraint puzzle above, except for the pivoting Triad horseshoe rings that connect the two triangle handles .   There is a tricky 'shift-to-the-side' move that has to take place first .


Long Island Catch
An added level of difficulty is presented by the placement of the chain .   There has to be a constantly correct orientation of the chain at all times, or else a false sequence of moves is unnecessarily blended into the solution .

One of several in the MindBenders' series -- one of two in a package given to me by a fellow worker at my place of employment .

HollowBox Burr
The second in the MindBenders' series -- as a duo-combo package -- given to me by a fellow worker, Peter, at my place of employment .

Orbik . . . . . Given by a fellow collector, Patti Smith

A fairly rare puzzle (some estimates put the number at around 200).
The Orbik was invented by Shih-Hung Juang, and has patent US 4,752,074 filed 25 September 1986, granted 21 June 1988 (also European patent EP 262,251).
Introduced to the puzzle community by the late Edward Hordern
at IPP 1992 as an exchange gift.

A clockwise twist of the front face changes the 3 colours at the marked windows
(at 12, 3, 7 o'clock).
Anti-clockwise twists change nothing, except reposition the marked windows for the next move .

You can view a solution to this puzzle on  Jaap's Puzzle Page

Icosahedron 92 . . . . . 43 pcs
level 4 difficulty rating (rating: 1 - 5)

A very beautiful gift from my good friend in the Czech Republic,  Vaclac Obsivac

                                                                       . . . . . a partial look inside >>>

It's hard to realize and appreciate the craftsmanship that is incorporated into such an item as this until you see it close up .