(a subsidiary of National Paragon Corporation) (1974) .

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Equilibrium . . . a globe pin-burr
a.k.a. UFO (Ultimately Frustrating Object) . . . produced in 1974 by Romany Merchandise Group.

Mag-Nif Inc.'s Third Dimension II

Licorice Stix
A classic 6-pc  burr

Classic 'Chalmers-Detroit' Car

Classic 'Victoria' Train

Ring Thing

Except for the fact that the rings are smooth and not geared, this is the giant version of PuzzlesDownunder's Locked Sprockets, with the same pin mechanism .

Astrologic   . . . from  Mag-Nif Inc.

Reiss Games' The Star .
Also known as Mystic Star by Tresco Plastics Ltd. of England from the 60s .